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Glowing Ore Flowers Addon

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The Glowing Ore Flowers Addon will include ores flowers, which can be discovered in certain biomes in the game and light up the map to improve eyesight. They are also craftable.

Cre: LanDay

Glowing Ore Flowers Addon

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Have you ever considered that the recent update made it more difficult to find ores? This addon was created for you if you want a few extra easily available ores in your journeys through the plains.

Ore blossoms can be found in six distinct minecraft biomes here. Each of these flowers glows like a torch, so you’ll not only have a map view, but you’ll also be able to discover the correct biome for the night faster.

To give you an idea of ​​where they are found, a simple guide has been prepared:

Golden Flower

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Biome: Desert;

Emerald Flower

Biome: Swamp;

Copper Flower

Biome: Forest and Mesa;

Iron Flower

Biome: Savanna;

Redstone Flower

Biome: Jungle;

Diamond Flower

Biome: Ice and Frozen;

Coal Flower

Biome: Taiga;

Some screenshots from Mcpe addons:

Glowing Ore Flowers Addon
Glowing Ore Flowers Addon
Glowing Ore Flowers Addon

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Finally updating. Added the coal flower and changed the biomes where other flowers will be found

Glowing Ore Flowers Addon

Download Glowing Ore Flowers Addon (RP) or File Drive

Download Glowing Ore Flowers Addon (BP) or File Drive

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