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InSaRe's Warfare Addon

InSaRe’s Warfare Addon [Version 4]- Extra Update

This new InSaRe's Warfare Addon was created by an ordinary schoolboy. He takes inspiration from "Activision games" and creates extremely cool Addon. Don't wait...

Block Warfare

Block Warfare adds survival friendly, ultra low poly,13 guns. Highly compatible with other mods. Cre: Chromite MaxCrit (Youtube) Block Warfare Ak-47:DMG-5 Scar-L:DMG-6 SIG MCX Spear:DMG-7 SIG MCX Virtus:DMG-8 SVD:DMG-8 SAKO TRG 42:DMG-18 Colt...

Morningstar War Pack V3 (Survival Update!)

Morningstar Defence is the company behind this add-on. Morningstar War Pack V3 mod is the most suggested addon for users of Minecraft Milsim since...

Basic Survival Guns Addon

The Basic Survival Guns Addon is an addon with simple guns to spice up your vanilla Minecraft gameplay. Cre: Chromite MaxCrit Basic Survival Guns Addon It adds...

5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition

Are you looking for the best gun mods for Minecraft PE? If you are a gun lover or a lover of shooters and fighting...

Actual Guns CSO V3.1.12: AWM Attachments (Part 2)

Welcome to Actual Guns CSO - the first addon to introduce custom guns and features such as first shot accuracy, Recoil recovery, Skins, Different accuracy when (jumping,...

Actual Guns 3D v1.3.2 | Minecraft PE Addons

The gun addon is no stranger to Minecraft, but 3D is the first! What about trying something new? Then you should definitely try Actual...

Fireball Gun Addon for Minecraft Pe

Would you like to upgrade to one of the default weapons in Minecraft? Fireball Gun will an addon that helps you upgrade your bow....

Muskets Add-on | Minecraft PE Addons

Muskets Add-on adds something more than bows and crossbows! It adds a new ranged weapon called muskets! Totally 5 different materials and work perfectly...

Portal Gun Add-on | Minecraft PE Add-on

This add-on adds a functional portal gun to the game, based on the portal from the popular game Portal, Portal 2 it’ll help you...

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Hello everyone merry Christmas 😁 In this addon you can make your own Christmas theme house design using this Christmas furniture addon i hope you...

Squid Game Skin Pack v1

Have you ever had to borrow so much cash that its became impossible to repay it? Do you want to earn 45.6 billion yen?...

Medieval Furniture Addon V3.0 | Minecraft

Did the medieval interior make you too boring? We've explored expandable blocks that give it a surreal feel. This latest Add-on right away at...

Better Enchantment Names

Hey guys, it's been a while, but I'm back. First off id like to say sorry for not updating my packs but I'm getting...

Spilters AI Texture Pack V 13 ALPHA

The most amazing texture pack brought to you by the author right now. It is none other than Spilters AI. Discover this right below...
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