Actual Guns CSO Addon for Minecraft

Welcome to Actual Guns CSO – the first addon to introduce custom guns and features such as Skins, Silencers, Hit-markers, Announcers, Bursts, and more! Cre: AzozGamer936, Twitter, Youtube Actual Guns CSO Addon contains 239 weapons items which includes grenades, melees, guns, skins. All the weapon are unique in their own ways. Let’s go to explore … Read more

Actual Guns 3D | Minecraft PE Addons

The gun addon is no stranger to Minecraft, but 3D is the first! What about trying something new? Then you should definitely try Actual Guns 3D, this addon is available for Minecraft bedrock edition. Credit: Pixelpolydigital Addons Created by: Ash (Programmer & Animator) AzozGamer936 (Programmer) Wind_WL (3D Models & Textures) VVirog1804 (Item textures) Vulth (Showcase … Read more

Fireball Gun Addon for Minecraft Pe

Would you like to upgrade to one of the default weapons in Minecraft? Fireball Gun will an addon that helps you upgrade your bow. It causes both an explosion and some fire but not overpowering Cre: Metacrafter, Twitter Fireball Gun The new weapon replaces the Bow. It’s better than a normal bow but not overpowering. It … Read more

Muskets Add-on | Minecraft PE Addons

Muskets Add-on adds something more than bows and crossbows! It adds a new ranged weapon called muskets! Totally 5 different materials and work perfectly in survival and fun! Cre: Nikita_Dementyev MUSKETS: Iron Musket (+14 damage) Gold Musket (+16 damage)  Diamond Musket (+18 damage) Emerald Musket (+20 damage) Netherite Musket (+24 damage)  HOW IT WORKS? Demonstrations: … Read more

Portal Gun Add-on | Minecraft PE Add-on |

This add-on adds a functional portal gun to the game, based on the portal from the popular game Portal, Portal 2 it’ll help you travel around your world. No scripts involved! To get the blue portal you’ll need to craft it. It requires a nether star which is hard to obtain in survival mode. Cre: … Read more

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