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3D Crops Texture Pack

3D Crops Texture Pack and More! | Minecraft Bedrock/PE 1.20+

Crops in Minecraft are rather drab and monotonous, but this texture pack changes that! With 3D Crops Texture Pack will now have improved textures,...
Poggy's Better on Bedrock

Poggy’s Better on Bedrock: Nether Arise | 1.20 Bug Fix Update!

Poggy's Better on Bedrock is an Add-On that aims to improve the base vanilla game's overall gameplay. It intends to improve many aspects by...
Farmer's Delight on Bedrock

Farmer’s Delight Bedrock (Unofficial Port) | Minecraft Mods 1.20+

Farmer's Delight Bedrock Add-on includes new crops and a wide variety of food, as well as an interactive cooking system that includes a functional...

Mokkiyo Addon V1 | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Mokkiyo Addon V1 is created by Meonshii. You may get over 30 new ornamental objects for your home from Mokkiyo Addon V3. The decor...

Mokkiyo Addon V2 | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Mokkiyo Addon V2 is created by ItsMochie. You may get over 140 new ornamental objects for your home from Mokkiyo Addon V2. The decor...

Mochiyo Addon v1

Mochiyo Addon V1 is a first addon created by liluchuu, this addon add you 12 models include cake, burgers, drink and mochi into your...

Santa Claus Illager

With this addon, you can play as Santa Claus Illager, a new Christmas chef who may make your presents dislike you. However, you can...

Ender’s Christmas Items | Minecraft Furniture Mod

I'm Mr. Ender. Today i introduce Ender's Christmas Items Addon. Christmas with you and gifts. Even though Christmas is coming soon, you may still...

Craftopia Furniture|Minecraft Furniture Mod | +1200 Blocks | 1.20.40

Are you prepared to advance your Bedrock adventures in Minecraft? The Craftopia Furniture modpack is the ideal solution; It is a thorough assemblage of...
Ober Pastel

Ober Pastel | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Hello guys I’m Ober, hope you like what I create💖. Ober Pastel add you 31 cute items include Bed, chair, table, Computer. Creator: notOber Ober Pastel https://www.tiktok.com/@furnituremods/video/7283787550433611014 Pink...