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Divine Dimension Addon Minecraft

A new portal appears in Minecraft world in a different way, a new realm, or a brand new dimension in Minecraft. Those things are...
Killer Whale Vehicle Addon

Killer Whale Vehicle Addon V1.1

A vehicle so cool to travel both on the surface and underwater - Whale Vehicle Addon Cre: l4ggcrafter Killer Whale Vehicle In survival mode, to get this...

Star Wars Vehicle 2.0 Addon

This Star Wars pack includes 13 animated spacecraft for Bedrock Edition / Pocket Edition Only. Cre: Victory Fire Studios Star Wars Vehicle 13 Star Wars space craft: A-Wing ETA2...

Lucky V-Blocks Addon

Update Lucky V-Blocks addons with the newest Minecraft Bedrock. It has structures, mobs, mini events, enchanted objects, custom enemies and much more! +100 Random...
UnderBase Lava House

The UnderBase Lava House| Map MCPE

Creator: Xzeno MPs Welcome to UnderBase Lava House, a brave dwelling place settled profound inside the searing grasp of a magma lake! This Minecraft outline...

Lucky Blocks Addon (1.20) – Minecraft Mod

This Lucky Blocks Addon (1.20) bedrock will bring a lot of structures, mobs, drops, potion effects, and much more. Not only one lucky block,...

Western Auto Ingenuity Car Pack

Western Auto Ingenuity addon updated advanced system: the "Door Mechanism 2.0"! This addon adds 7 cars, each of which have its own set of...

Indonesian Vehicle Pack v1.0.1

Indonesian vehicle types like busses, tuk tuk , Jetbus, TransJakarta, and many more... Cre: HyperF3GamerINDO | Firanyu (Discord) Indonesian Vehicle Vehicle Pack Basic Specifications: Performance: Speed : 8...

Elingo Lucky Blocks Add-on 1.20.41+ (Big Update!)

One of the best luck addon for Minecraft Bedrock, players can be found around the world, chests or craft them. Elingo Lucky Blocks Add-on...

Cat Decorations Furni AddOn| Minecraft Furniture Mod

Presenting Cat Decorations Furni AddOn your virtual environment with the best furniture add-on for Minecraft that adds a charming touch of feline charm! With...