Tutorial for House Building for Minecraft PE

House Building for Minecraft PE is perfect for building Minecraft house mod on your map. It has tons of buildings for Minecraft 1.20+ and famous structures addons. Easily import, export, and edit your Minecraft building house in one click.

How to install House Buildings for Minecraft?

1. You select the STRUCTURES button. Tap Open any building Minecraft you want to build.

Automatically update Minecraft building from small to large size according to categories: houses, modern houses, medieval, creations, boats, ships, castles, floating islands, temples, and vehicles,…

house building for minecraft

2. Change Name ID (if you want): This ID is used to load your structures into the Minecraft game.

house building for minecraft


You adjust the x,y,z coordinates to put the Chest and Spawner in the building.

house building for minecraft

Then, choose any entity in the chest & mob for the spawner.

  • ADD CHEST: Add any entity to house building for Minecraft using CHEST such as furniture, armor, weapons, or food.
  • ADD SPAWNER: You can add Minecraft Mob Spawner with any mob you want. Easily search for mobs by the color eggs or type the name to appear immediately: Pig, Spider, Cave Spider, Silverfish, Magma Cube, Blaze, Skeleton, Zombie,…
house building for minecraft

Structures, chest, and spawner are visually previewed in 3D. If you want to change location, you must change x,y,z coordinates outside.

house building for minecraft

4. Select or Add Biome

This Biome you choose will spawn structures in Minecraft world.

house building for minecraft

5. Modify Occurrence Density house building for Minecraft

Dragging the slider to the right means you are increasing the density of the structure’s appearance, and vice versa. Instead, you can enter the desired Occurrence Density density index.

house building for minecraft

6. Adjusted the appearance of structures relative to the ground in the game

Based on the type of Structure, you can custom it to spawn On Ground or Air Above, even custom Position Y as you want.

house building for minecraft

7. Export Buildings into the Game

– Open Project Manager Screen

house building for minecraft

– Review your building: You can re-edit or delete your structures

house building for minecraft

– Tap “Export to Game” button to open the export screen

– Fill information your your addon then click “Export”

house building for minecraft

If you possess genuine creativity, kindly transfer this house building for Minecraft to the MAM application to produce a wider range of impressive modifications.

Note: You can try importing your Minecraft building house into other games that allow third-party tools to edit behavior & resource packs: Crafting and Building, Eeskcraft, Craftsman, etc.

How to activate your House Building Minecraft?

1. Create a new world or edit an existing world

2. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings

3. Tap on Behavior Packs & Resource Packs in the sidebar.

4. Open or Create a world and enjoy.

How to make your Minecraft building?

1. Import the “Structure Block” button into Minecraft (only for Android)

house building for minecraft
house building for minecraft

2. Use the command: /give @p structure_block

house building for minecraft

3. Cut and Save House Building for Minecraft

– Choose Mode: SAVE

– Fill in the name. Ex: “mystructure: building”

– Modify x,y,z coodinates. Maximum size 64×64 [except Height (Y)]

Note: During you cut structure, you need to save to prevent losing all numbers had typed before.

house building for minecraft

4. Export Structure file

house building for minecraft

House Building for Minecraft has all the perfect houses for MCPE. Whether a beginner or a pro, you’ll find something to love in our apps. So what are you waiting for? Become a master builder now with thousands of Minecraft blueprint houses!

Minecraft Furniture Mod

What should I do when House Building for Minecraft is not working?

1. Check your Internet connection.

2. Make sure to activate the Behavior and Resource Pack in Minecraft.

3. Notice your Minecraft version! Because the Minecraft master game constantly had updates (1.19 and above) that affected all addons players added to their world. So some house building for Minecraft may not be working in the latest version of the game.

5. If everything is still not working, please leave a report at Form or email us at [email protected]

How to connect with us?

You can reach out to us by the channels below:

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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