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Husana909’s Computers Addon 1.0.2 [New Apps + Settings]

Husana909's Computers addon adds an evolutional lookin machine called computer (of course, you haven't seen a computer mod in here, have you? ), this...

Project Pixel Acceleracers

Welcome to Project Pixel Acceleracers , my main Minecraft Bedrock project based on the Hot Wheels Acceleracers universe. Also, welcome to Season 3 of...

El Chavo del Ocho Addon

El Chavo del Ocho Addon adds characters from the best-selling Mexican series "El Chavo del Ocho," which will appear in your Minecraft creations as...

Top 10 must-have modpacks for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Since its first release, Minecraft Pocket Edition has gone a long way. It allows gamers to take the fantastic world of Minecraft with them...

Simplista Bedrock | RTX Texture Pack

A Texture Pack with a Theme This texture pack is a conversion from Java Edition and focuses on eliminating noise while supporting the current...

Forever Vanilla – Bedrock Port

Forever Vanilla is a lovely Java Edition visual resource set. I'm here to introduce you to the Bedrock Port of this incredible bundle! I...

Craftable Statues by JayCubTruth

Decorative statues will add a touch of class to your creations. There are 280 different varieties of craftable statues in this add-on, as well...

Minecraft Clash Of Craft Addon

This Clash Of Clans Addon is designed specifically for users that want to download it! You can play this addon either multiplayer or solo!...

Herosimo Castle Map

Hello, We built a castle and named it (HEROSIMO) on this map. We tried our hardest to make the castle fantastic, and we decorated...

Ore Seeking Ants v1.1 [Addon for 1.17+ 1.18+]

*Bodyguards *Ore seeking Ants Have fun with these new tamable pets that will protect you from your foes. They have a lot of health...

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How to convert Java Texture Packs to MCPE and Bedrock Edition

How to convert Java Texture Packs to MCPE and Bedrock Edition, do you know??? The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is currently the most popular. This...

Axolotl Attire Texture Pack [1.17+]

Axolotl Attire gives your Axolotl some tyle with a fun texture pack for all versions of Minecraft, this pack includes the same colors of...

Zebra Shaders v2.0.21 | Minecraft PE Shaders

Zebra Shaders is realistic shader packs that are made for low mobile devices, with beautiful coloring. Cre: Hyrazer0 Note: Only Support for Minecraft PE...

Jungle Expansion Island

Download this wilderness-filled world - Jungle Expansion Island! Enjoy the handcrafted structures, unique arboreal setting, and skillfully terraformed hills on this bespoke terrain map....

5 Best Gun Mods For Minecraft PE – Bedrock Edition

Are you looking for the best gun mods for Minecraft PE? If you are a gun lover or a lover of shooters and fighting...
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