Surviving in the Sky (1.16.201) | Minecraft PE Maps

Surviving in the sky is an amazing floating island survival map. You will start on a floating ship that will have many materials and survival kits as well as elytra and rockets to get around. You and 4 other friends con play on this great map. Creator: PhUnknown7 In this survival map, you will appear … Read more

SwampPLUS Addon (new update) for MCPE

SwampPLUS Addon brings new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to the swamp world of minecraft making it more alive and engaging than ever. Specifically, the features that this add on brings include new Mobs, new biomes, swamp boats, and more, let’s explore it with us. Cre: ForgeLogical, Youtube, Twitter Features SwampPLUS Addon Swamp Trees In … Read more

ESBE 3G Shader | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Do you know ESBE 2G Shader? Yeah, ESBE 3G Shader is the same creator as a 2D shader. It’s wonderful! And like the previous shader, this texture pack will make your world more beautiful with fewer device resources. You don’t have to prepare a powerful device (iPhone 5 is still enough to). Enjoy your beautiful … Read more

Abstract’s Recraft: An Overhaul Add-on | MCPE Add-ons

We all wish some aspects of Minecraft would be updated or changed, and Abstract’s Recraft: An overhaul add-on will make these changes we all want with the input and ideas of anyone who enjoys this add-on! Creator: AbtractRemix UPDATE 1: END UPDATE! The end has remained the same for a very long time, with many … Read more

Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon (+20 mobs) | MCPE Addons

Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon adds 20 mobs include: monsters, dinosaurs, exotic animals,… some of them, you can tame and ride. Creator: Doctor Joker How does Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon work? This addon adds new mobs and new items which you will be able to craft and create, all mobs will spawn in natural, which will … Read more

Ex0tic’s Masonry Addon for MCPE

Minecraft has very nice graphics, a variety of worlds, but the stones in the game are inconsistent, for some people this is also a drawback. Ex0tic’s Masonry was born to overcome these disadvantages.  Add Ex0tic’s Masonry in game, you will have more variants like granite bricks, cobbled andesite, or chiseled diorite to create consistency. Besides, … Read more

Your Doors Addon | Animated Doors Blocks

Vanilla doors are simple and you don’t like them anymore? Animated Doors add lots of new doors to enhance your home. These doors are blocks, so you don’t get any problem placing them. Creator: Albii (Youtube) ANIMATED DOORS FEATURE IMAGES: This addon adds more than 10 doors: Simple wooden and glass doors, they are simple … Read more

Ores Plus AddOn v8.0: Elemental update

An expansion for mines in Minecraft with minerals, new tools, and new armor, even elemental armor is also added for each area in this game. All these cool things have in Ores Plus AddOn v8.0!! Cre: Agustín 雌犬, Twitter, Youtube Ores Plus AddOn Let exploring the mines and finding new minerals. The new tool and … Read more

Rustic Nature | Minecraft PE Addons

Rustic Nature is an add-on that adds new fire pits, stones, lamps, and new log-shaped seats. Creator: Lamorak 113 RUSTIC NATIVE FEATURE IMAGES: CAMPFIRES: The campfires work in the same way as Minecraft vanilla, they can cook up to 4 slices of meat at a time, but they can only cook 1 type of meat … Read more

Vanilla HDR | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Vanilla HDR raised the textures of some blocks to 512x and added stereo effects and realistic details. Creator: Super-Dead Here are some screenshots of the blocks that modified the textures: Vanilla HDR Features: This is the test version, more textures will be added soon. Changelog 1.17 support Added more textures Bugs fixed Prepairing for official … Read more

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