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Cat Decorations Furni AddOn| Minecraft Furniture Mod

Presenting Cat Decorations Furni AddOn your virtual environment with the best furniture add-on for Minecraft that adds a charming touch of feline charm! With...

Tractors Addon – Farm Vehicle

Tractors addon which is really useful for your farm, supports harvest, cultivate or make farmland,… Include 15 new tractors and easy to obtain in...
garden breeze be

Garden Breeze BE | Mincrraft Furniture Mod

Garden breeze BE is ported by Pinkgummibaerchen, now you can see is garden themed. plenty of flower vases, baskets of flowers, hanging plants, bikes,...
Oliver Craft

Oliver Craft [Garden]| Minecraft furniture Mod

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to showcase Oliver Craft is created by Ashiee's MC! This is add you 28 items include chair, fence,...

Dahlia craft addon | Minecraft Furniture Mod

Dahlia craft addon is created by Jhulyzha✿ add you more 40 items include cabinet, chair, chairsmall, pictures,..... Creator: Jhulyzha✿ (youtube) Dahlia craft addon How to...

Craftycraft Addon | Minecraft furniture Mod

Craftycraft Addon is created by Redred Craft, this addon add you 110 items, include drink & food, shelf, chair, shoose,..... Craftycraft Addon Some screenshots: Some minecraft...

Kiyomi Craft Addon V2

Hello, After releasing with Kiyomi Craft Addon, Cloudyminx had continuted with Update version is Kiyomi Craft addon V2 (Update). There are more 80 items...

SIMJUE LIGHTS | Minecraft Furniture Decor Mod

SIMJUE LIGHTS is fairylights addon for Minecraft bedrock is created by JJ. It's add you 24 light items. The best Minecraft version is supported that...
Simple Motorcycles Addon v1

Simple Motorcycles Addon v1 | Minecraft Addons PE

This Simple Motorcycles Addon adds a few motorcycles (1 motorcycle and 2 scooters) to your Minecraft world, and it will also be suitable for...

Dreamsy Snack | Minecraft Furniure Mod

Dreamsy Snack is an addon add you more and more food& drink. It's include cake, juice, milk, bowl,.... Creator: Delightfulcharm Dreamsy Snack How to get items: Guide to...