A Large Investment Map [Roller Coaster]

A large roller coaster with 50+ minutes long to explore – A Large Investment Map that has many things to keep you occupied and interested the whole way through! Cre: Forestpupoozzle, Youtube A Large Investment Map This map ranges from random shapes and illusions. There you can see some bedrockified non-euclidean geometry. Alternatively you can … Read more

Hyra Shaders v4 Minecraft PE

Playing Minecraft with feeling realistic graphic, get spoil your eyes by using Hyra Shaders V4 Pe! It will bring you to a new world full of beautiful coloring and lifely lighting and make the world become a reality. Cre: Hyrazero, Youtube, Twitter, FB Hyra Shaders v4 There are available several variants in this shader, it … Read more

AK X-Ray PLUS Texture for MCPE 1.17

If you feel tired of mining and even you have to mine in a straight line and can’t find anything there. Come to AK X-Ray Plus texture where you can easily find diamond, ore,… Let’s try to imagine if your friend has a hidden chest and you don’t know where your friend hide it, or … Read more

Ores Plus AddOn v8.0: Elemental update

An expansion for mines in Minecraft with minerals, new tools, and new armor, even elemental armor is also added for each area in this game. All these cool things have in Ores Plus AddOn v8.0!! Cre: Agustín 雌犬, Twitter, Youtube Ores Plus AddOn Let exploring the mines and finding new minerals. The new tool and … Read more

Airdrop Addon for Minecraft

Would you like to add something to your Minecraft world and makes your game feel more fun? The Airdrop addon for Minecraft will make you interest when adds the concept of loot crates. It’s dropped from the sky and also a flare gun that can be crafted in survival mode. You may use this addon … Read more

Star Trek: Shipyards Map MCPE


After a year the shipyards are back with Star Trek: SY 4.5 with the updates such as map fixes, surprises with new things, additional hidden features inside the map,… All these things will make you feel interested and would like to explore more about this creation map Cre: eefritts Star Trek Star Trek added more … Read more

Super Powers AddOn for Minecraft

Super powers make you feel more interested in Minecraft? What do you think about lightning god for a day or one-hit anything wand? Or maybe crat your way to hugeness, smallest, invisibleness, or flying… All are in Super Powers AddOn!!! Cre: mno, Twitter, Youtube Super Powers AddOn Generic Gem The first step you have to … Read more

DarkAge Bizarre Addon for Minecraft

Do you want the night in Minecraft to become harder? With difficult bosses, structures with very good loot, super-powerful items, and mobs?? All these things will help you in your adventure – DarkAge Bizarre Addon that you will see now Cre: Petergamer XD, Youtube, Twitter DarkAge Bizarre MOBS Mercenary They are a group of people … Read more

Fire and Blood Addon for MCPE

Welcome to FIRE AND BLOOD addon which was inspired by the book” Fire and Blood” by George.RR Martin. However, this addon is not based on the books. It aggregates mythological creations for being the first version (1.0.0) (include 5 mobs). Hope this addon is supported by everyone, it will be updated with a new mechanic … Read more

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