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Sword Craft 100+

Sword Craft 100+ addon add 100 + sword in your Minecraft wworld, it's using random block in Minecraft. Creator: 2jasonbox2 Sword Craft 100+ Cool skins and...

SERP Pokédrock 3 (Pokémon Addon) || Hoenn Update

Welcome to SERP Pokédrock's 3 generation! The first and second generations are complemented by this add-on! even if it can also function on its...

Project Ionic

After discovering Ionic Fusion, weapons of mass destruction are made. Swords, Guns, and even armor can make one human being unstoppable. With more and...

The Better Seas Mammals Addon

Advanced AI and detailed animal models are included by The Better Seas Addon! Starting with various dolphin species! In the future, we'll use the...

Remon Furniture V9.0 (Functional Furniture) Christmas update

You can adorn your home as you choose with more than 500 pieces of functioning modern and vintage furniture, all of which have realistic...

Goblin Traders Addon [1.1.0 Update!]

Now you may enjoy Goblin Traders Addon as a Bedrock Edition Addon, which has many of the same features as Java. You may be familiar...

Family Life 3.0.1 – Personalities and new Skins

Have a family in Minecraft with the help of Family Life that adds many interactions and replaces the world's villagers with NPCs. The addon...

Unofficial Croptopia [Beta]

Hello to everybody! We now give you a new addon for Minecraft Bedrock named Unofficial Croptopi! Among others, offers new food varieties like orange,...


Capybaras addon has only been used a few times in bedrock edition. Exactly nothing more is added. However, why would you actually require anything...

Sculk Invasion : Abyss & Weapons Update

Sculk Invasion is an addon that tells the story of sculk's global invasion. Due to the sculk's excessive power, it occasionally infected other mobs...

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AutoMake (Early Beta)

AutoMake is an Addon that helps you automate experiences in the Minecraft world. In addition, this addon has additional equipment: elevators, and moving machines,...
Swagcasters SUV

Swagcasters SUV and Pickup Truck Pack

We bring you a new addon with more facilities which are Swagcasters SUV and Pickup Truck Pack. Cars with many different vehicles will bring...
XYZ Mini Games

XYZ Mini Games Map (More than 18+30 Mini-Games) [MicroGames Update]

XYZ Mini Games Map has over 18 mini-games and over 30 mini-games for MicroGames. The special thing about this minigame is that it supports...
Nico's Cave Expansion

Nico’s Cave Expansion

We bring Minecraft followers a new addon - Nico's Cave Expansion. This bonus includes new mobs, blocks, plants, food, and equipment. They will allow...
Absolute Guns

Absolute Guns 2 3D – (Compatible with any Add-on!)

Absolute Guns 2 3D is an add-on for using 3D weapons. What distinguishes it from the previous version is the simple sophistication. This addon...