Cherrycraft BE | Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Cherrycraft BE is a Minecraft PE/BE texture pack. It will replace birch with cherry. This pack modifies the appearance of all birch blocks and items with dark and light versions. Texture pack also changes the text mentions of birch when using American-English. This pack originally belongs to: Cactuarplush. Textures were extracted with modifications from Mizuno’s … Read more

Astral Lucky Block Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon adds the astral lucky block which adds new weapons, blocks, enemies, and many more. There are a total of around 300 different things that can come up when breaking this block. The original Lucky Block was also added so you can create the astral block and of course, it works too. Create: Effect99MC … Read more

Project Bloomingdale | Minecraft PE Maps

Project Bloomingdale is a city, this map features unique interiors and exteriors that portray societal conflicts like human trafficking, murder, child-dealt drugs, political corruption, and complacency.  Creator: EVSH777 Project Bloomingdale The map includes: The Belladonna Estate A perfect crime A drug lab The Bloomingdale Preparatory College The Northside Mafia meeting ground Shadow Point Forest DOWNLOAD … Read more

Ultimate Oriental | Minecraft PE Maps

The Ultimate Oriental style came to Minecraft, this time in a beautiful paradise on top of a hill, enjoy each one of the Oriental style constructions and adapt them to your way to starting your own adventure in Minecraft. Creator: GEO Ultimate Oriental The construction has:  Main entrance House with garden Main tower Central esplanade … Read more

SCP Foundation Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Are you a fan of the SCP Foundation? This add-on is for you. It has added new mods from the SCP universe into Minecraft Pocket Edition. Each mod has its own ability. Models and textures in this addon v2.1 are updated, so let explore it! Cre: BendyTheDemon18; Twitter, Youtube SCP Foundation Add-on Important Use a … Read more

AUDI R8 Addon for Minecraft PE

One of the most luxurious sports cars not to no mention is the Audi car that can reach a maximum speed of 212 mph. With AUDI R8 Addon achieved the same performance. This addon is a sports car with the fastest speed in your Minecraft world! If you are looking for a quick escape, this … Read more

Mine-Bikes Add-on for Minecraft Pe

A few different motorcycles have been added in this Mine-Bikes Add-on and all motorcycles replace Horses. This is one of the fastest land vehicles in the Minecraft pocket version. In particular, you can ride with two people on a bike. That really cool addon because it is the first addon can do this Cre: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account … Read more

More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft PE

Furniture addon is always welcome. With this addon, 9 different chairs have been added to the More Chairs Add-on for Minecraft pocket edition, this is one of the options for you to own great chairs. Let decorate your world more beautiful and lively! Cre: GentaMCPE, Twitter Account How do the Chairs Add-on work? Mobs are replaced … Read more

Thanos Gauntlet Add-on for Minecraft Pe

Based on the theory about the famous Thanos character in Avengers. Thanos Gauntlet in Minecraft pocket edition will bring a gauntlet with super-powerful that most people know about. In this addon, you can put gloves on your hands, then you possess the power to defeat enemies with just a few punches, you have run faster … Read more

MarvelCraft Addon for Minecraft PE

This addon has added 4 superhero armor, many new tools, and different weapons. In particular, a few evil villains are added to Minecraft Pocket Edition like Venom, Loki or anyone else.They are equipped with armor and weapons in epic battles with the villains. A war between good and evil. Whoever wins will depend on your … Read more

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