Basic Machinery v2

Basic Machinery V2 addon adds power wires, a block previously only seen in java mods. There are also completely functional liquid and gas cables, as well as 19 new devices … Read more

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Updates to Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceousaddon are coming soon. Soon you will be downloading on dinosaurs add-on builder model tyrannosaurus rex health is not attack movie 2021-2022 world map. HR … Read more

Construction For Build V1

Construction For Build V1 addon add building blocks to your buildings to help fill them out and make them appear cooler. They’re designed to look like modifications in MC Java. … Read more

Glowing Ore Flowers Addon

The Glowing Ore Flowers Addon will include ores flowers, which can be discovered in certain biomes in the game and light up the map to improve eyesight. They are also … Read more

Your Mob Ideas Episode

Raboy13 has a YouTube series called Your Mob Ideas. Here is a link to the channel if you want to check it out. It’s also where you may submit your … Read more

Heisei Godzilla Addon

The monster king has arrived! Now you can play with these Kaiju in Minecraft! He has the ability to destroy buildings as well as use his atomic breath! He’s colossal, … Read more

Gene Project V1.5.0

Gene Project Addon is a dinosaur component that comes in a variety of beautiful models. It took me a long time to figure it out. These dinosaurs will not grow … Read more

Modular Bosses Addon Beta

Modular Bosses, a popular Java mod known as “THE UNKILLABLE BOSS MOD!” was abandoned in 2018 due to the removal of a crucial component from the Curseforge API. We’ve been … Read more

Fauna and Flora Addon

Have you ever had the impression that Minecraft lacks flowers and plants? This mod promises to give your Minecraft a new lease on life by adding new plants as of … Read more

Thomas.exe Addon Minecraft PE

Good day, guys! Are you familiar with the TV show “Thomas and Friends“? Aren’t you familiar with Thomas from that show? So, in Thomas.exe addon, I’m bringing you a more … Read more

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