Gloom and Shroom Add-on

Gloom and Shroom Addon

Gloom and Shroom Addon features one of the largest and most detailed tabernacles ever added to Minecraft. With dozens of different room types to explore, adversaries to fight, particulars to … Read more

TBOI’s Seasonal Decorations V1.1

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations

TBOI’s Seasonal Decorations Addon adds a plethora of high- quality and vanilla-friendly vacation-themed decorations, particulars, and flyable crops, as well as New Faves and Costumes! Let’s explore the details with … Read more

Ore Sheep Add-On V3

Ore Sheep Add-On V3

Ore Sheep Add-On V3 adds 21 new types of Sheep to your world, They generate naturally in the wild and you’re also suitable to transfigure a regular Sheep into a … Read more

Loot Randomizer Addon


Loot Randomizer addon changes the drops from nearly every block and mob in the game with a arbitrary item/ block. it can also summon a arbitrary mob when a block … Read more

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