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Ice and Fire Dragons Addon for Minecraft BE/PE

Welcome, to Ice and Fire - A Dragon mod for Minecraft PE which is the loss of many lives! Some can bravely slay a...

How to install Dragon Ball Evolution Addon in MCPE 1.18/1.19+

Dragon Ball is a manga known worldwide with a mass of fans that is recreated in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. This Dragon Evolution Addon is...

Aveo Dragon Addon V4 for Minecraft PE

Too many dragons are not enough! The Aveo Dragon addon will add more dragons to your game. These long-necked, long-tailed, two-legged dragons of legend...

DARK7MC’s Pack

DARK7MC's Pack DARK7MC's Pack DARK7MC's Pack is a pack of great and different addons that I consider to be ones of the best addons that I...

Grow Your Own Dragon ( Incubator Edition) Update

If you are looking for something that can grow your own dragon, maybe this addon is for you. Grow Your Own LIGHTNING Dragon from...

Fire and Blood Addon for MCPE

Welcome to FIRE AND BLOOD addon which was inspired by the book” Fire and Blood” by George.RR Martin. However, this addon is not based...

Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished Addon [Beta]

Welcome back with a new update addon after one year – Dragon Mounts 2 Refurbished Beta! It doesn’t include all dragons in this...

Orespawn’s Resurgence | Minecraft PE Addons

Based on the King and Queen from the Orespawn Resurgence Mod for Minecraft Java, the creator created addons for Minecraft PE including King, Queen,...

Expansive Fantasy Addon (1.0.6) | Add-on for Minecraft PE

What do you need to be a master tame dragon? Expansive Fantasy has many types of dragons for you to choose, choose for yourself...

Dragon Block Frieza Addon for Minecraft Pe

Dragon Block Frieza Addon is a mysterious race in the Dragon Ball manga series. They have incredible power and possess an abnormal cruel level....

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Blossom cit pack thumb

Blossom cit pack

Blossom cit pack is created by Xani (csqeixani), this addon add you more and more cute items table, sink, fridge, headphone, cashier and some...

Kasutamu Burokku Addon

Kasutamu Burokku Addon is Created by Elysign. This help you add more furniture and decorate items in Aethestic Style. You can get the this...

ABEL-XRAY TEXTURE PACK (1.18) | Minecraft Texture Packs

Have you grown tired of mining for hours on end without finding diamonds or netherite? Do you want to be able to find minerals...

Raya 16x | Minecraft Texture Packs

As a result, this Raya 16x Texture Pack is yellowish-green in color to commemorate it. (I'd like to point you that I'm not a Muslim,...

Neko Yorokobi Addon

Neko Yorokobi Addon is a kawaii food addon, this add you new foods to your world such as donuts, icecream, boda, etc,.... Creator: Meonshii (youtube) Neko...