Custom 3D Totem From Player Skin | Minecraft Resource Pack

This is the best resource pack if you want to make custom 3D Totem of undying using your Minecraft skin. All you need to do is just put your skin inside the resource pack & choose settings according to your skin type and it’s done.

It is extremely easy (all steps are given below)


Custom 3D Totem

This addon works for both types of skin models (skin types)

Custom 3D Totem

Default Steve Skin:

Totem Default Steve Skin

Default Alex Skin:

Custom 3D Totem
Custom 3D Totem

With My Custom Skin:

Custom 3D Totem
Custom 3D Totem

How to add your custom skin

  • Just make a copy of your skin
  • Rename it “dbg.png
  • And put that skin inside the resource pack
Custom 3D Totem

(Optional) You can also choose a icon for totem:

  • Take a 16×16 image for icon
  • Rename it “totem.png
  • Put it inside the resource pack

This is optional (you can delete totem.png to get vanilla totem icon)

Custom 3D Totem

Now activate resource pack, and click on it, and then click on this gear/settings icon

Custom 3D Totem

Now select your skin model type, Minecraft has two types of skin types [Thick & Thin]

Custom 3D Totem

Youtube tutorial video:

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