More Tools Addon for Minecraft Pe (Armor Durability Fixed)

If you have some Redstone, emerald, lapis, quartz but don’t use them for anything. This More Tools Addon is for you!! So what does this addon bring to you?With 6 new more armor types to your game, 15 + new decorative blocks, and 50+ new tools to play with. These items will make you enjoy … Read more

World Problems (Weapons, Soldier, and New Mobs!) | Minecraft Pe

Do you like playing a world a little harder in Minecraft? This will be a perfect addon that adds many things to make your world more difficult and interesting like new weapons, soldiers, and mobs. Are all Minecraft players ready to explore with the new version of World Problems? Cre: DarkCrafter, Youtube World Problems Mobs … Read more

Territory Of Heart Addon for Minecraft Pe

Now you no longer get bored with Minecraft, even with withers and ender dragon!! Territory of Heart will brings you lots of weapons and 3 bosses Cre: 鸥吃鱼 ADD 3 WEAPONS MOON’S TEAR There are have 4 ways to attack. This sword can shoot blue – red bubbles or bubble pulse Melee damage: 20.Blue bubble’s … Read more

Lost Weapons | Minecraft PE Addons |

With so many weapons that Minecraft players are bored and have few choices, seeing that, “Lost Weapons” was born with 19 new weapons for players to choose. All weapons are based on myths, they have their own stats and some have special abilities. By: RagthorDev Search layer 30 for a frozen rock and break it, … Read more

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