Divine Dimension Addon Minecraft

A new portal appears in Minecraft world in a different way, a new realm, or a brand new dimension in Minecraft. Those things are...


Temple Puzzles & Parkour| Maps MCPE

Creator: Xzeno MPs Welcome to Temple Puzzles & Parkour, the extreme challenge for brave explorers within the domain of Minecraft! Plan yourself for an invigorating enterprise...

California Republic | Structures Map MCPE

Creator: Route66TheGamer California Republic is an amazing Minecraft world that I have worked on since 2021. Took a couple of a long time to construct,...



Paper Cut-Out RTX 2.5 UPDATE! (Resource Pack + Ray Tracing)

Introducing the Paper Cut-Out RTX Minecraft Resource Pack with Ray Tracing! This remarkable combination brings a whole new level of visual splendor to the...
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Star Wars Minecraft Mod | StarPixel MCPE 1.20+

A new adventure awaits Minecraft Bedrock users in a galaxy far, far away, during the Clone Wars. A fantastic new Star Wars Minecraft Mod...

Lifesteal Addon (1.20.x) BIG UPDATE! | Minecraft Addons PE

The Lifesteal Addon is based on the plugin from the Lifesteal SMP, where you lose a heart when you die and get a heart...

Minecraft Better Adventures Expansion Mod | Hotfix for Minecraft 1.20.30

Minecraft Better Adventures is an addon that aims to make Minecraft's world less monotonous by introducing numerous new biomes, variants on vanilla biomes, new...

The Primordial Kings Mod Pack | Minecraft Mods

This The Primordial Kings Mod Pack will brings to your Minecraft world as the Original kings. Creator: Sazry Studio The Primordial Kings Mod Pack The Primordial Kings...
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