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Structure Block Import and Export Button

Structure Block Import and Export Button | Minecraft House Building App

You see cool structures for Minecraft 1.21 and want to place them anywhere in the Minecraft world. Creator NSPG911 has created a great pack...

Disciples of The Void Volume III

Are Boss Fights to your liking? Are you a fan of LORE? You need Disciples of The Void Volume III addon! The Disciples of...

Skyveil Dragons Addon | Minecraft Addon PE

Explore the world with the Skyveil Dragons Addon, Fire Dragon, and Ice Dragon. Engage in epic battles with them, defeat them to obtain their...
Immersive Fauna Taiga Update

Immersive Fauna Taiga Update Addon

Do not download Immersive Fauna Taiga Update addon if you already have the Immersive Fauna All Pack Biomes installed as it only contains aquatic...

Gooblicraft Addon V3 | Minecraft furniture Mod

Gooblicraft Addon V3 is created by Gooblicraft, this addon add you 90 models include furnitures and plants decoration for mcpe with a tons of...

Ultimate X-Ray Addon | Minecraft Addons BE

Tired of strip-mining to find your diamonds and emeralds? Try Ultimate X-Ray Addon! With a bunch of incredibly useful tools, you can hack your...

Kamen rider cross Z Addon [Evol&Cross Update] || アドオン 仮面ライダークロスZ [エボル&クロスアップデート]

Minecraft add-ons 1.20 Kamen rider cross ZCross-Z Dragon (クロスドラゴン , Kurōzu Doragon) is a small dark blue flying dragon created by Sento Kiryu to...

Aether Dimension II Mod | For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Aether II mod is the sequel to the highly popular dimension mod "The Aether", set in a hostile paradise miles up in the...

Baby Ender Dragon | Minecraft Addon PE

Have you ever wished you could keep an Ender Dragon as a pet in Minecraft? That is feasible with Baby Ender Dragon! It is...

Magic Staffs Addon | Minecraft Addon PE

Magic Staffs addon will add five magical staffs, each representing one of the primordial elements of nature:Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Plant. Each staff...