Indonesian Vehicle Pack v1.0.1

Indonesian vehicle types like busses, tuk tuk [Bajaj], Jetbus, TransJakarta, and many more…

Cre: HyperF3GamerINDO | Firanyu (Discord)

Indonesian Vehicle

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Vehicle Pack Basic Specifications:

  • Performance: Speed : 8 Blocks/Seconds. [0.5 Speed]
  • Miscellaneous:

Inventory : Chest Container.

Health : 20 Point.

Seat count : Depends on vehicle.

Wrench : Fixing 1 Point to the vehicle.

  • Spray: Use Right click/hold n tap to spray the vehicle.
Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Command, Egg and Color available to change:

command : /summon hp:angkot_kijang [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:angkot_kijang_rear [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:angkot_suzuki [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:jetbus_mercy_short [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:jetbus_mercy_long [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:tuk_tuk [RED,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:transjakarta [RED,ORANGE,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:toyota_limo [NONE]

command : /summon hp:kopaja [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:becak [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:bandros [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:delman [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

command : /summon hp:bemo [RED,GRAY,ORANGE,BLACK,PINK,BLUE,HYPEREST]

“Use Invisibilty Potion if you wanna ride the Toys Version” – just changed to “Hot Wheels beat That” game in Minecraft


Indonesian Vehicle

Indonesian Vehicle Pack

or here (backup link)

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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