Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon

Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon frequently generates in your Minecraft world. There are epic floating islands and strange outcrops appear around the world. They will immediately draw your attention since you enter these biomes Cre: gildedbedrock Amplified Biomes Minecraft Addon The extremely custom biomes include Jungle, Dark Oak Forest, Flowering Forest, Desert, Forest, Ice Spikes, Mega … Read more

Friday Night Funkin Add-on | Minecraft PE Addons

This add-on will add to Minecraft characters from the Friday Night Funkin video game, in which they will attack player by using their singing abilities, some will drop items and others are possible to make your friends in your Minecraft survival. Creator: ArathNidoGamer BOYFRIEND and GIRLFRIEND They will be able to be your friends, giving … Read more

3D Combat Addon for Minecraft [Beta]

The goal of 3D Combat Addon is to provide a better combat experience to Minecraft players. By adding animations, new weapons and special things are mechanics to weapons, each type of weapon has its own use. Cre: pixeleddoki, Youtube, Twitter 3D Combat Addon beta Disclaimer This addon in the early beta stage, so it still … Read more

90 Honda NSX (Remastered) Addon | Minecraft PE Addons

The 90 Honda NSX was designed by a team led by Chief Designer Masahito Nakano and Executive Chief Engineer Shigeru Uehara. It benefited from advanced aerodynamics and styling inspired by an F-16 fighter jet cockpit and input from the late Formula One World Champion, Ayrton Senna, during the final development state (-Wikipedia-) Creator: Ashminggu CAR … Read more

JDM Legacy Car Pack | Minecraft Addon

Some European/American side of performance cars will show in JDM Legacy Car! It’s not like previous car packs, now you can get more than a color for a car by using a special item that calls “PaintMatic”. It allows you to color or dye a car to a certain color, like the way you dye … Read more

JET SKI Addon for Minecraft

Classic ships in your Minecraft that make you feel boring of transporting? Don’t worry about it because I will show you an incredible addon with modern ships – Jet Skis Addon. Now you can transport in a faster way on the beach, river or any place have water with up to 2 people! TEAM CUBITOS … Read more

Terracotta Expansion | Minecraft PE Addons

Introducing a wonderful addon that will bring an awesome addon to Minecraft, Terracotta Expansion. An expansion type of add-on that focusing on biomes, mobs, and environment addition. While trying to maintain the balance between every aspect of the game. Gather up your resource and travel to new biomes, feed new animals, and play with them. … Read more

Ore Addon for Minecraft v3.1

Hi guys! If you are tired of seeing the same minerals when mining, this Ore Addon is for you which added 10 new ores! Each of the minerals added decoration block, basic Minecraft tools, and even armor. That’s enough for you to spend time exploring? Cre: Jony Gaming, Youtube Ore Addon If this addon doesn’t … Read more

Road Builder and Rail Builder AddOn

Build professional-level road and rail and even lawn care in this Road Builder and Rail Builder addon. You just need to hop into your nice sparkly builder machine and put them lay down. Then fueled it with lapis, iron, or gold blocks. Cre: mno, Youtube, Twitter Road Builder and Rail Builder Now you can craft … Read more

OSBES Apollyon Edition | Minecraft PE Shaders

OSBES Apollyon Edition is created for those who are tired of the boring graphics of Minecraft. It brings beautiful, realistic lighting. Creator: ApollyonDev This shader has features already known as the OSBES shader, such as: Realistic water RBP Textures Plant movement Among others DOWNLOAD OSBES APOLLYON If you want to try more shader in Minecraft, … Read more

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