SwampPLUS Addon (new update) for MCPE

SwampPLUS Addon brings new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to the swamp world of minecraft making it more alive and engaging than ever. Specifically, the features that this add on brings include new Mobs, new biomes, swamp boats, and more, let’s explore it with us. Cre: ForgeLogical, Youtube, Twitter Features SwampPLUS Addon Swamp Trees In … Read more

ESBE 3G Shader | Minecraft PE Texture Packs

Do you know ESBE 2G Shader? Yeah, ESBE 3G Shader is the same creator as a 2D shader. It’s wonderful! And like the previous shader, this texture pack will make your world more beautiful with fewer device resources. You don’t have to prepare a powerful device (iPhone 5 is still enough to). Enjoy your beautiful … Read more

Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon (+20 mobs) | MCPE Addons

Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon adds 20 mobs include: monsters, dinosaurs, exotic animals,… some of them, you can tame and ride. Creator: Doctor Joker How does Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon work? This addon adds new mobs and new items which you will be able to craft and create, all mobs will spawn in natural, which will … Read more

Ex0tic’s Masonry Addon for MCPE

Minecraft has very nice graphics, a variety of worlds, but the stones in the game are inconsistent, for some people this is also a drawback. Ex0tic’s Masonry was born to overcome these disadvantages.  Add Ex0tic’s Masonry in game, you will have more variants like granite bricks, cobbled andesite, or chiseled diorite to create consistency. Besides, … Read more

Ores Plus AddOn v8.0: Elemental update

An expansion for mines in Minecraft with minerals, new tools, and new armor, even elemental armor is also added for each area in this game. All these cool things have in Ores Plus AddOn v8.0!! Cre: Agustín 雌犬, Twitter, Youtube Ores Plus AddOn Let exploring the mines and finding new minerals. The new tool and … Read more

Pillage and Magic v1.0 | Add on for MCPE

If you want more companions in Minecraft vanilla raids, Pillage and Magic v1.0 is the good add on for you. Add on this you will expand Minecraft vanilla raids by adding new items, weapons and a new entity.  New items will be the motivation for you to complete Minecraft vanilla raids, let’s get started. Cre: … Read more

Animated Crouch | Minecraft PE Texture Pack

animated crouch

Have you ever seen and tried the new emotes in the marketplace but also wanted more unique animations? Well, the Animated Crouch texture pack does exactly what you want! Creator: Minipro27YT This resource pack changes the pose and animation of the crouching. You can choose between the four options in the sub pack button (the … Read more

Hot Wheels Acceleracers – RD09 – Racing Drones | MCPE Addons

This is Racing Drones, which had highly skilled drivers, don’t mess it up. After a lot of projects, now another project, it adds RD09. Creator: Hyperest Studios FEATURE: RD09 Basic Specification Driver: Gelorum Vehicles: RD09 Performance: 960 HP Drivertrain: VTX hydrogen fueled dual turbine engine Independent fully adjustable computer controlled suspension All wheel drive Command/Egg … Read more

De-Gore-ations for MCPE

You are a horror lover and want your game scenes to be interesting while playing minecraft, De-Gore-ations is the add-on for you.  VileGhoul – the author of this addon created 15 new horror themed decorations such as Corpse variations, Skeleton variations, Hung Corpse,  Coffin Variations, ….etc all in game, let’s see more in the article below. … Read more

Fantasy Villagers Addon for MCPE

Being a hero has never been so easy, with Fantasy Villagers Addon you can use to create 9 villagers and 2 golems to Guard The Villages, Patrol Everywhere And Slay The Illagers Villager Vanguard, Villager Guardian, Royal Guard, Archer, The Lord, Great Guardian, Golembreaker, Enchanted Librarian, Knights, Teutonic Knights And A Kamikizake Bommer is 9 … Read more

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