Heisei Godzilla Addon

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Coptaine’s Animation v1.1

The monster king has arrived! Now you can play with these Kaiju in Minecraft! He has the ability to destroy buildings as well as use his atomic breath! He's colossal, and he's a badass! Now use these kaiju to demolish every building. Every day, he'll be a king!

Cre: CL clowngodzilla (Youtube, Twitter

Heisei Godzilla Addon

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He's finally arrived, the one and only King of Monsters! He is known as Heisei Godzilla! Godzilla from the 1989 film “Godzilla versus Biollante”! With his greatest power, atomic breath, he can smash bulldings and bricks! He has enormous power!

  • Health : 650000
  • damage : 27000
Heisei Godzilla Addon

He will destroy everything join with him and destroy bulldings and bricks!

Created by : CL clowngodzilla , ANightDazingZoroark

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Heisei Godzilla Addon

Download Heisei Godzilla Addon (Mediafire) 
Download Heisei Godzilla Addon (Drive)

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