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Fill your arsenal with add-on gun mod for Minecraft game. Install modern weapons and elevate the creativity of gun mods with Blockbench to improve Minecraft gun games!

Welcome to the world of intense firepower in Minecraft Pocket Edition! With Addons Gun Mod for Minecraft app, experience the thrill of wielding a wide range of realistic firearms right in your Minecraft adventures. Explore the best gun mods for Minecraft now!

Creator: Addons Maker (Youtube, Facebook)

gun mod for minecraft


Addons Gun Mod for Minecraft app brings a new level of excitement to your gameplay, allowing you to arm yourself with an impressive arsenal of 3D-modeled guns. Choose from an array of meticulously designed pistols, rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles, each with its own distinct characteristics and capabilities.

🔴 <1> The Best Minecraft Gun Mod in 2023

Add more than 1000+ items in MCPE game with actual weapons mods: guns, grenade, explosive, ammo, bulletproof vest, goggle, pistoles, carbines, bombs, tnt, shotguns, rifles, smg, dmr, and other cool equipment. All free addon gun mods for you to enhance the Minecraft shooting game!

gun mod for minecraft

You can see add-ons gun Minecraft with huge downloads. We always update gun addons from famous creators and bring them to you in the fastest time.

gun mod for minecraft

In addition, other weapons mod in Minecraft have incredible powers. They will make you unable to stop using the top Minecraft games.

gun mod for minecraft

The Minecraft Addons PE library is always updated with the latest Minecraft bedrock gun mod. Here are the top 15 gun mods that are trending and making Minecraft people can’t miss.

Top 15 Gun Mod for Minecraft in 2023

15. Airsoft Guns

14. Halo

13. Gravity Gun

12. Wild West Guns

11. Decimation

10. Age of Weapons

9. Fortnite

8. Combat Plus

7. Guns Without Roses

6. Crackshot

5. Techguns

4. MrCrayfish’s Gun

3. SpectralGuns

2. Portal Gun

1. Modern Warfare

🔴 <2> Edit Gun Mod Minecraft with Blockbench

Editing gun mod with Blockbench gives you breakthrough creativity. Freely adjust every little detail of the gun Minecraft to create new and different looks from other Minecraft players.

gun mod for minecraft

This innovative add-on brings a new level of excitement to your gameplay, allowing you to arm yourself with an impressive arsenal of 3D-modeled guns Minecraft mod.

gun mod for minecraft

Customize your Minecraft gun mod & weapons to suit your playstyle and maximize their potential. Attach scopes for precise long-range shots, equip silencers for stealthy takedowns, or load up extended magazines for extended firefights. The possibilities are endless!

gun mod for minecraft

Minecraft Gun Mod

🔴 <3> Custom Entity for mod gun in Minecraft

Prepare for lifelike gunplay as the mod introduces realistic mechanics, including reload animations, bullet spread, and recoil. Feel the rush as you unleash accurate shots or spray bullets with controlled bursts, all brought to life within the Minecraft world.

gun mod for minecraft

🔴 <4> Add thunderous gunfire gun sounds (only .wav; ogg)

Immerse yourself in the action with stunning sound effects and visual enhancements. From thunderous gunfire to dazzling muzzle flashes, every shot feels impactful and authentic. Engage in intense battles, test your skills, and conquer enemies like never before. Make yourself a gun Minecraft mod to compete with your friends on MCPE world!

gun mod for minecraft

2. How to download gun mod in Minecraft?

Addons Gun Mod for Minecraft app offers an exhilarating blend of realistic weaponry, thrilling combat, and endless adventure, all seamlessly integrated into your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience. Download now and unlock a new dimension of excitement!

SEUS PE Shader

3D Gun Mod for Minecraft with Android

3D Gun Mod for Minecraft with iOS

gun mod for minecraft

We recommend the top MCPE Addons for you below:

Minecraft Gun Mod

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