Lucky Blocks Addon (1.20) – Minecraft Mod

This Lucky Blocks Addon (1.20) bedrock will bring a lot of structures, mobs, drops, potion effects, and much more. Not only one lucky block, there are 7 more blocks added! Include the unfortunate block.

Cre: Effect99MC (Youtube)

Lucky Blocks Addon

Added 7 more blocks:


Lucky only generate mobs:

Lucky Structures

Lucky Drops

Lucky PvP: generates items for PvP

Withered lucky block

Crafting Recipes

To get a good luck block, you must throw an experience bottle at a lucky block.

To get an unlucky block, lightning must hit a lucky block or you must kill a witch very close to a lucky block.

The lucky block withered is obtained by killing wither skeletons with a 20% chance

The lucky block works in all dimensions and worlds while the experimental mode is active.

Lucky Blocks Addon

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE


Lucky Blocks Addon

Download Lucky Blocks Addon

More Lucky Block in MC Addons:

Lucky Block for Minecraft PE

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