SwampPLUS Addon (new update) for MCPE

SwampPLUS Addon brings new structures, mobs, items, and blocks to the swamp world of minecraft making it more alive and engaging than ever. Specifically, the…

Ex0tic’s Masonry Addon for MCPE

Minecraft has very nice graphics, a variety of worlds, but the stones in the game are inconsistent, for some people this is also a drawback….

Rustic Nature | Minecraft PE Addons

Rustic Nature is an add-on that adds new fire pits, stones, lamps, and new log-shaped seats. Creator: Lamorak 113 RUSTIC NATIVE FEATURE IMAGES: CAMPFIRES: The…

Airdrop Addon for Minecraft

Would you like to add something to your Minecraft world and makes your game feel more fun? The Airdrop addon for Minecraft will make you…

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