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USS Missouri from 1990 with modern weapons sounds taken from Modern Warships game. Thanks to CreatorCrafter321 for helping me model Mark12, Borfor40mm and connect configuration for USS Missouri.

Cre: Assian Power (Youtube)

USS Missouri Addon

USS Missouri Addon
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USS MissouriHealth: 460000 – 500000Speed: Not fastWeapons: 3 Main gun, 6 auxiliary cannons, 4 Ciws,2 bofor quadro40mm, Rum-139 missile, 1 helicopter RAH-66

Mark7 Naval Gun Damage per cannon: 12000

Turret with 3 406mm cannons As the main gun on the USS Missouri

USS Missouri Addon

Mark12 Naval GunDamage per cannon: 2112

Turret with 2 127mm cannons As a secondary weapon on the USS Missouri

USS Missouri Addon

RUM-139 Missile Damage: 5200

Every launch: 6 missile

Attack even monsters

USS Missouri Addon
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Phalanx Ciws Damage: 10

Anti-aircraft gun 20mm

It will shoot flying monsters

USS Missouri Addon

Bofor Quadro 40mmDamage: 400

Anti-aircraft gun with 4 40mm gun

USS Missouri Addon
USS Missouri Addon

RAH-66 Helicopter Health: 300

Speed: 1

Weapon: 1 20mm gun with 30 bullets 1 shot, each bullet has 400damage

Xm301 Missile ,6 missiles each time, damage :12000

USS Missouri addon is coded by me, CreatorCrafter321 helped me make 2 Models: Bofor40mm and Mark12 Cannon, The rest is up to meAddon has low and high graphics, adjust when installing Addon.If Low graphics don’t work then add a random Pack or Shader to that world

USS Missouri Addon
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USS Missouri Addon

Download USS Missouri Addon (Zip)

Download USS Missouri Addon (Mcpack)

Create guns, furniture, animations in ONE toolbox. Try now:
USS Missouri Addon


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