Waypoints Addon – V4 (Compatible With Other Addons)

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We bring a new addon that is extremely useful for players. This useful add is called “Waypoints Addon“, it makes it easy for players to keep track of where they’ve been. This helps you in the process of discovering Minecraft, right? Please download the file attached below.

Creator: O CHETTY O (Youtube)

Waypoints Addon

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As a player I am sure that you have ever gotten lost in your world or wanted to get faster to that place where you were last time and do not remember it, then this add-on is for you, as it allows you to teleport from one place to another by placing a waypoint in your world.

Waypoints Addon

Recipe needed: (2 Empty Map, 1 Compass and 1 Ender Pearl)

Use of the item:

When we see the item that has been obtained we must select the location where we want to place our waypoint and then we will press the right button if it is in Windows or we will hold down the screen if it is a smartphone to display options , there we will find some necessary reminder notes for players.

Waypoints Addon

In this menu there will be 2 more options, which are to add and remove the waypoint

Waypoints Addon

Likewise if you crouch when using an item, it will bring up a sub-menu where you can see all the waypoints of all the players in the world.

Waypoints Addon
Waypoints Addon
Waypoints Addon

How to use Waypoints Addon?






Note: Avoid adding waypoints with the same name


Changes in version 4
  • Owners’ names removed
  • The design of the waypoints was changed by one more similar to the beacon within the game
  • Added the ability to edit some features of the waypoints such as: Light beam, Color and Name
  • New particles more suitable for teleportation action were added
  • New translations were added and now most of the game’s languages are available
  • Potion effects were removed when teleporting
  • Changed the option of “Show on other maps” by a drop-down menu
  • Minor changes were made
  • Too many code fixes and improvements
  • Support for Minecraft 1.19.40 + 

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Waypoints Addon

Download Waypoints Addon – Behavior Pack

Download Waypoints Addon – Resource Pack

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Waypoints Addon

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