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From The Fog Minecraft PE is an addon inspired by From The Fog mod on Minecraft Java. The goal of the addon is to create a horror experience of the game while keeping the vanilla style and feel of the game.

Creator: TnKTMCPE

From The Fog

The addon add Herobrine to your world. He will follow and stalk the player when they don’t pay attention. Moreover, He will do a lot of action in other to scare the player. The addon also have many paranormal event that occur during your play time. However, the entity will not try to interfere the player too much in other to keep the vanilla feeling of the game.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

From The Fog

There are many interesting things in the addon that i don’t want to show here but let you “The player” Enjoy it by yourself.

From The Fog


Download the .mcaddon file and import it to your game. REMEMBER TO TURN ON ALL THE EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE FOR THE ADDON TO WORK PROPERLY.

From The Fog

Download From The Fog Addon for MCPE

Supported Minecraft versions

What is the Minecraft from the fog about?

Minecraft: From The Fog is a Mod based on the Herobrine Creepypasta that adds the ghostly entity into the game, with them occupying your world to build odd structures, stealing/replacing your torches, and stalk/haunt the player, giving the ominous feeling of truly not being alone in your single-player game.

What does Herobrine do in from the fog?

Herobrine can stalk you, make you hear sounds that aren’t there, create its own structures from nothing, and even sabotage blocks that you have already placed. Herobrine can also jumpscare you, leave cryptic signs near you, and prevent you from sleeping.

What kills Herobrine?

Use potions.

Strong strength potions, made using Nether wart, blaze powder, and glowstone dust. Negative effect potions in splashable form (to use on Herobrine), such as weakness potions, poisons, or slowness potions.

What made Herobrine evil?

Herobrine’s motivations are entirely unknown, but the two most commonly accepted explanations are revenge and for the sake of being evil.

From the fog how to summon Herobrine?

From The Fog: How to summon Herobrine

Creating a shrine built out of netherrack, redstone torches, and gold blocks (though mossy cobblestone can work as a substitute for the gold) known in community lore as the Herobrine Shrine.

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Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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