Structure Expansion

This plugin adds more than 50 structures to your environment! These can be found in the overworld, underground, the underworld, and at the end of the world! The purpose of this mod is to expand the number of constructions available while staying true to Minecraft’s style and experience.

Cre: Spyderrock (Youtube

Structure Expansion

Although I created this addon, many of the structures were created by users of my discord server and subscribers.

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

All structures (with credits):

  • Big bone: me
  • Creeper Dungeon: Ducky
  • Life Dungeon: me
  • Meteor Crash: Slothlover
  • Copper Rock: me
  • Diamond Rock: me
  • Emerald Rock: me
  • Plain Rock: me
  • Gold rock: me
  • Iron rock: me
  • Lapis rock: me
  • Redstone rock: me
  • Ruins dungeon: me
  • Empty ruins: me
  • Gold ruins: me
  • Spruce dungeon: me
  • Stump: me
  • Tent: me
  • Well: Me
  • Silverfish Tree: Zhi Zhi 09
  • Air Balloon: Pertzer/William
  • Bumpkin: Angryvader
  • Copper Villager: HENRYACTION
  • Banane: Lingonkaka/Leo
  • Fake villager house: Pertzer/William
  • Grave: Slothlover
  • Statue: Slothlover
  • pyramid: ZallTheMightyChair
  • Amethyst Sky Tower: Phantom-Mc
  • Cloud village: Dark Domination
  • Tower dungeon: Derpyboi
  • Broken beacon: Ihya Akmal
  • Creeper crypt: Ducky
  • Nether lab: Llama
  • Cat shrine: Kittycatyt
  • Burnt house: Henryaction
  • Raft: me
  • Small ship: me
  • Den: Pineapple
  • Campsite: Llama
  • Grand oak tree: Dark Domination
  • One dungeon: Kittycatyt
  • Slime nest: Lizardoo7
  • The hive: Slothlover
  • Magma cube nest: icygod
  • Broken conduit: Pertzer/William
  • End settlement: me
  • Diving bell: Pertzer/William
  • Sub: Pertzer/William
  • Surface geode: Ducky
  • Rock pond: Ducky
  • End fountain: me
  • Nether tower: Rep
  • Oak temple: me

Some creenshots from Mcpeaddons:

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

Known issues: The pack descriptions say that the name is not final but it is. this will be fixed in the next update.

Some addons about structures are similar to Structure Expansion addon you can check in


I attempted to fix the video links, and they should now be working properly.


Download both packs, apply both to the world, enable all experimental modes.

Structure Expansion

Download Structure Expansion (Support Creator) 

Download Structure Expansion (Drive)

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)

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