105 Structure’s Addon Minecraft PE

105 Structure’s is a wonderful mod that allows you to use structure blocks to spawn in a variety of 105 distinct structures. From parks and stores to majestic skyscrapers, it has everything. With the stroke of a button, all constructions in this plugin will spawn almost instantly. Version 1.17.11 of Minecraft is supported by this extension!

There are 105 structures in total.

Cre: dream pixel (Twitter)

105 structure’s Addon

Minecraft Furniture Mod

You will be able to spawn in a variety of constructions utilizing structure blocks almost instantly with this great plugin. From a small suburban house to stores, buildings, and even skyscrapers, it has it all! With this plugin, you may build a city in seconds using structural blocks.

105 Structure

So what structures are included in 105 Constructions addon?

  • Boat x4
  • Buildings and Skyscrapers x39
  • Farm x1
  • Restaurant’s  x3
  • Fire Departments x3
  • Garages x2
  • Gas stations x2
  • Military base x1
  • Modern Houses x5
  • Parks x7
  • Stores/shops x11
  • Suburban houses x12
  • Misc/other builds x15

Minecraft Furniture Mod

Some addons Minecraft PE you can check in Mcpe Addons to make your Minecraft world more interested:

How to use

After you’ve downloaded and ported the addon to Minecraft, turn it on in your world. Once you’ve done that, enter the world and write “/give @s structure block” It should now be in your inventory. Place the block down and hit load, then type in the id of any structures in this addon. Once you’ve finished, click the load button below the preview and have fun! A list of the 

Version 1.17.11 of Minecraft is required to use this addon. Please let us know if it works on other versions!

Do you have a problem or a feature request? Come hang out with us on Discord!

structures in the showcase world may be found below. When trying to load a structure, remember to capitalize it and type it precisely as it appears on the id.

mcpeaddons download

Download 105 Structure’s

Addon_Showcase.mcworld (3.57 MB)

Minecraft Furniture Mod

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