Nascar V1.2.0 | Reborn Update

Are you looking for a Nascar Addon? Who doesn’t know Nascar (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is an American auto racing sanctioning and operating company that is best known for stock car racing

Creator: Hyperest Studios (Twitter, Youtube)


Basic Information

Stockcar Basic Specifications:

  • Performance:
    • Speed: 10 blocks/seconds (1.0 Speed)
    • Nitrox2: 20 Blocks/Seconds (When use 2.0 Speed for 3 Seconds)
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Inventory: Chest Container
    • Health: 20 Point
    • Seat: 20 Point
    • Seat count: 1 Player
    • Wrench: Fixing 1 Point to the vehicle
  • Spray:
    • Use Right click/hold and tap to spray the vehicle
  • Nitrox2
    • The blue one are full of Nitrox2, carefully to use it! Only 3 times you can use Nitrox2! So save them if you really need them. How to use them? It’s same thing as pig! It’s a re-texture Carrot’s on a Stick and Fishing Rods
  • Command and Egg to spawn
    • Command: /summon hp:stockcar
    • Command: /summon
    • Egg: Spawn Stockcar
    • Egg: Spawn Stockcar Toys

Nascar Visual

Minecraft Addons Maker (MAM)


  • Bug Fixed
  • Animation updated
  • Model Updated
  • Pack_icon changed
  • Spray texture updated
  • Entire Code rebult
  • Main Model Changed
mcpeaddons download

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