Ty-el’s Vietnamese Language Pack | 1.21 Supports!

Vietnamese language support for Minecraft Bedrock is added by the small yet useful Ty-el’s Vietnamese Language Pack. In order to make the vanilla “Mojangles” (also known as MinecraftSeven) compatible with Vietnamese characters, this pack also provides the necessary supports. The majority of translations match the level of Minecraft: Java Edition.

Creator: TLGM2308

Ty-el’s Vietnamese Pack

This pack follows Minecraft translating rules, which means, special names like Creeper, Redstone, Realm(s), Ghast, Piglin… will not be translated, and Minecraft Java Translation Project on Crowdin, but there might be some exceptions.


  • 17,000+ “translatable translations” are translated and matches Java Edition of Minecraft’s Vietnamese language with more than 95% accuracy!
  • Fully translated How to Play sections:
  • Ty-el’s Vietnamese pack supports Chemistry Mode
    (can be enabled by turning on Education Edition in World Settings)
  • NEW! Early supports of Editor Mode (Preview)

To be able to apply Ty-el’s Vietnamese pack in Editor Mode, first in Minecraft Preview, activate the pack and set language to Vietnamese first, then open Minecraft Editor, go to world settings, activate the pack through World Resource Packs and enter the world. The game language will automatically change to Vietnamese as soon as the game load the world.

  • Text-to-Speech supports!

Things that can’t be translated:

– Achievements

– Marketplace Contents

– Realms/Realms Plus/Marketplace Pass terms, EULA, purchase info

– Credits, Ending Messages

– Add-Ons & custom translations in other packs (some might be supported out-of-the-box)


This pack comes with 4 variations of font types (4 subpacks) you can edit it in pack settings. If you don’t like custom fonts from this pack, you can always change subpack settings to “none”.

  • MinecraftSeven (left page) and Unifont (right page):
Ty-el's Vietnamese
MinecraftSeven was made by @fromgate and remastered by tlgm2308, to keep your Minecraft experiences nostalgic with some small changes to how texts were rendered.
  • MinecraftSeven (Smooth Variant)

This font is the smoothed version of MinecraftSeven, very ideal if you are using high-resolution texture packs or want a “cleaner” PvP experiences.

  • None (for custom font pack purposes)

Minecraft Shaders

How to change fonts (Restart game is required!)

Step 1: Press Pack Settings ⚙ button next to the Deactivate button

Ty-el's Vietnamese
Where’s the Pack Settings button?

Step 2: Change Ty-el’s Vietnamese pack settings by swiping the slider

Ty-el's Vietnamese
Choose “MinecraftSeven” to apply MinecraftSeven font (default subpack)
Ty-el's Vietnamese
Choose “MinecraftSeven (Smooth Variant)” to apply MinecraftSeven font (Smooth Variant)
Ty-el's Vietnamese
Choose “Unifont + Noto Sans” to apply Unifont + Noto Sans
Ty-el's Vietnamese
Choose “None” to ignore fonts from this pack, and you can place your own custom font packs at the top of Ty-el Vietnamese

Step 3: Exit Settings and Restart game!


If you update this pack, make sure you remove this old pack before updating to the latest version.

Supported Minecraft versions

MCPE Download

Download the Ty-el’s Vietnamese Language pack


Credits: @tlgm2308, @fromgate (creator of the original Minecraft Unicode font pack, remastered by tlgm2308), @CrisXolt (VDX UI translation supports), @ZouChenyunfei (Custom Pack Info in Pack Settings Screen)

Original translations and texts are from Microsoft and Mojang, AB. All rights reserved!

You can browse for more interesting packs with MCPE Addons!

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