Not Enough Structures Addon V1.0.1

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Not Enough Structures Addon adds a few structures into Minecraft, just 15 structures now but will be updated more in the next version.

Creator: Golden Ruler (Youtube)

Not Enough Structures Addon

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Large Block: Can be found in Taiga, Savanna, Plains

Small Rock: Can spawn in Flower Forest, Forest, Jungle, Mooshroom Island, Savanna, Taiga, Swamp, Plains, Beach

Campsite: Spawn in Flower Forest, Forest, Plains

Mythical Birch Tree: Can be found in Flower Forest, Forest (The color of leaves were changed because I used shader for screenshot)

Medium Rock: Can be found in Beach, Flower Forest, Plains, Forest, Savanna, Taiga

Beach Tree/Palm Tree: spawn in Beach

Large Bone Pile: Can be found in Desert, Swamp

Small Spruce House: Spawn in Taiga, Extreme Hills

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Dungeon: Dungeon located underground, you can find good loot in the chests along with the ability to make your own mob farm with the Mob Spawners!

Oak Pillager Base: Spawn in Forest, Flower Forest, Extreme Hills, Plains, Beach

Small House: Can only be found exclusive to the Taiga, it had a few blocks that can be useful through gameplay

Calcite Spike: If you mine inside there maybe got a prize! This spike spawn in the Extreme Hills

Bone Structure: There will be multiple variants of these bones in the future, these bones can be spawned in the Desert, Beach, Ice Plains, Swamp

Little Starter: If you are complete, can be used as a good starting base for players who want to survive at night. You can find in Flower Forest, Forest

Log Stack: The simple log structure can help you get wood, kind of like foliage. You can find it in Forest and Flower Forest


  • Add 9 new structures
    • Small Spruce House
    • Large Bone Pile
    • Beach Tree/Palm Tree
    • Small/Medium/Large Rock Variants
    • Calcite Spike
    • Campsite
    • Mythical Birch Tree
  • Change some structure values to work with the new ones
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