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Slimecraft Add-On is one of the slime addons and for youtuber gaming guides addons will give you 3 slime statues for you to decorate and custom blocks to your liking. Addons will give you 3 slimestatues for you to decorate and custom blocks to your liking. 

The addon is in the process of developing and revising so there may be some details that are not perfected, all comments are welcome, looking forward to hearing from you.

Cre: EasyGamer3000 ( Youtube, Twitter)

What’s in Slimecraft Add-On?

  • Slimeslab
  • Slimepillar
  • Slimepile
  • Slimepodium
  • Slimeking-Statue
  • Slimeburger
  • Slimesword
  • Slimepickaxe
  • Slimetext
  • Slimestatue2
  • Slimestatue3

You can get these items by typing “/give @s ggde:” in the chat or find them in the inventory of Minecraft

limecraft Add-On
limecraft Add-On
mcpeaddons download

If you want to get more addon you can follow Mcpe Addons or get relevant addon below: 


  • Added more images
  • Added slime sound to all custom blocks
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