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A bunch of vampires and other similar monsters are added to this Vampire Craft addon!!! Do you wanna get the experience of being a vampire in Minecraft gameplay? This addon will be updated and improved frequently, hope everyone enjoys it!

Cre: @pedro_denovoZ, Twitter, Youtube

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Vampire Craft is inspired by a PC mod, let’s explore 4 levels of this addon and see what’s in this addon

Vampires Levels

  • LV1:
    • The first level you need to approach a ritual table and interact with it. However, you still have to be a human to do that
    • After transforming you can bite the game’s mobs, they drop blood.
  • LV2: For the next level, let holding a moonstone and interact with the ritual table
  • LV3: Defeat the dark salesman, and interact with your gold tooth on the ritual table. You can find it in the black forest at night.
  • LV4:
    • The final level, you must defeat the Vampire King or Queen. Then interact with your soul at the ritual table.
    • Using a heart of gold on the ritual table to invoke. Use the soul collector on your soul before it regenerates and goes back to fighting.
    • You get a skill menu at level 4


The player can become a hybrid at maximum vampire or werewolf level

  • Werewolf: use the vampire queen’s soul at the ritual table
  • Vampire: use the red moon curse on the ritual table

Become a hunter: you need to be a human and interact with the priest.

Vampire Craft


It has 4 levels:

  • LV1: Make a ritual table and interact with it holding a moon curse. You can make the table using a workbench and vampire teeth or moon curses
  • LV2: You must have a moonstone and interact with the ritual table. To have the moonstone, you can buy from the dark seller in the black forest
  • LV3: Get the full moon curse and interact with the ritual table. To get it, you have to kill beta werewolves
  • LV4: Get a red moon curse and interact with the ritual table (killing alpha werewolves to get red moon curse)

Vampire Craft Fuctionalities


Vampire of any level is also can moderate, just fall in love with the target and press the interaction button.

If you are holding an empty bottle or an unfilled blood bottle, just interact and it will auto-fill with blood

Take the heart

Become a vampire of any level with an iron sword in your hand. Then reach the villager that has not transformed yet and interact with it

Download Vampire Craft Addon

Vampire Craft Transformed Mobs

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Vampire cow

She will attack normal cows after being bitten by a vampire, dealing 3 damage

Vampire Villager

After being bitten they turn into a vampire

Weak Vampire

It will appear during the night. After dying, it releases the vampire tooth which includes 32 health and 3 damage


Same as Weak Vampire, but it will release the vampire’s tooth has 45 health and 4 damage

Vampire Craft

Dark Salesmen

This is a boss and doesn’t attack, but if Dark Salesmen is attacked, be careful him! He has 365 life and two types of attacks

  • Attack 1: hits normally for 5 damage
  • Attack 2: he keeps his distance and shoots fireballs
Vampire Craft
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When he is killed, he will drop the gold tooth


  • 60 life
  • Damage: 4
  • He is a human during the day but transformed into a werewolf at the night
Vampire Craft

The silver sword normally does 7 damage but the werewolf does 14 damage

Beta WerewolfAlpha Werewolf

HUMANS – Vampire Craft


He has an ax and uses it to attack vampires

  • Damage: 9
  • Life: 40
  • He appears in Vilas and in the black forest


He has a bow (has 30 life), attacks vampires and other monsters.

Lobisman Hunter

He has a silver sword, attacks werewolves and other monsters (40 health, 8 attacks)


You can find Ghost in the dark forest

Vampire Craft

Possessed Humans

They also appear in the dark forest and appear when Ghosts attack a human

Vampire Craft

Download Vampire Craft Addon

New Biome

Dark Forest

The animals will not appear here, but many monsters appear at night.

Lobisomem Ring

There is only 4% chance that the werewolf will drop. After transforming, you can keep the shape of a Werewolf if you hold the ring in one hand

Items- Vampire Craft


The coffin can be used for sleeping during the day. To get it, you need to using refined black wood and a bed


It is used for the player who wants to return normal human

To make the vampire’s use pure water and a vampire’s tooth and the werewolf use pure water and the moon curse

Pure Water

Material: normal water and a nether star


Vampire craft addon added the decoration item Alijava which can be purchased with the priest


Cassock can be purchase with the priest


Purchase the Garlic from Villager Farmer, it grows and drops 1 or 2 garlic

Soul collector

It has not been added in Vampire Craft addon yet, but you can be used to catch the soul of the vampire king and queen

Vampire Craft

Werewolf skin

There is a 30 % chance of dropping from a werewolf

Vampire Craft

Golden tooth – Vampire Tooth

Use golden tooth to upgrade to Vampire LV 3


You can use coins to trade with hunters 

Vampire Craft

Ritual table

Recipe: using a crafting table and 8 vampire teeth

Vampire Craft

Food – Vampire Craft


Vampire Craft

All these food edible

  • Blood: provides 3 nutrition for player
  • Blood bottle 1/4: 4 nutrition
  • Blood bottle 2/4: 7 nutrition
  • Blood bottle 3/4: 10 nutrition
  • Blood bottle 4/4: 15 nutrition, gives the effect of instant health per 5s

Weak Vampiric Potion

It will fully restore the hunger bar and gives temporary effects that last 10 minutes. It can be done with awkward potion and a vampire’s tooth

Vampiric Potion

Get it using a strange potion and a gold tooth. It gives an effect of residence III, regeneration III, Absorption III, and night vision.

Vampire Craft

Powerful vampiric Potion

To get it, you can use a strange potion and the soul of a vampire king or queen. It will give you a residence effect IIII, regeneration III, Absorption IIII, night vision, strength III

Vampire Craft



Ritual table

Weak Vampiric Potion

Vampiric Potion

Powerful vampiric Potion


  • There is a texture created that is included with the Vampire Craft addon to reduce the number of effect particles. It will help have a cleaner screen
  • Added new information menu about added addons


– Added
+ New textures
+ Models for werewolf armor
+ Blood thirstyAdded bloodthirsty
– Addon optimization


Vampire Craft

Vampire Craft Addon (support creator)

or Download V5.3.2 (gg drive)
or old version (gg drive)

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