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BONY162 Furniture addon adds 68 different types of working furniture that you can use to decorate your world. This add-on includes chairs, couches, tv, lamps, kitchen decor, and a lot of more things.

Creator: BONY43445 (Youtube, Twitter)


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Interact able Blocks: Blocks with inventory slots: clicking on any of these blocks will allow you to access their inventory

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Drawer
  • Trash cans
  • Chairs/Couch: You can click on any of the chairs or chouches and you will be able to sit on it
  • TV: You can interact with the TVs and change there channels, there are 6 different channels available
  • Toaster: You can interact with the toaster by holding a piece of bread in your hand, this will add toast to it, if you click on it again, it will cook the toast
  • Lamps: Click on it to turn on and turn off the light
  • Boom Box: Click to on and off music


  • Survival: Find wandering trader, they will trade all the furniture between 1-5 emeralds
  • Using Commands: /function furniture


  • Added 7 new furniture (books, lamp, traffic cones, stop signs)
  • Fixed entity is not respawning
  • Fixed sink and laptop
  • Added new way to obtain furniture
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