Jungle Tree House | Minecraft Map

A life in a tree house in Minecraft that makes you want to try? Let come to the Jungle Tree House map and explore the house located in the jungle. It’s inspired by YouTuber DiddiHD’s map

Cre: TEAM CUBITOS MC, Twitter, Youtube

Jungle Tree House

Find an epic and awesome treehouse located in the middle of the jungle. The worth mention in this map is a large house with everything inside, including a place to stay, a farm, a waterfall,… That’s enough for players who want to start an adventure in survival mode

Download and explore this Jungle Tree House map, starting your next adventure.

Note from Creator

This map is created by Andiuber, here are some social media channels that you can support creator: Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Paypal

If you share this map in public, please respect the original link to the publication instead of a direct link: website Cubitos MC. Thank you!

License to use: TEAM CUBITOS MC


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Jungle Tree House

or Download (gg drive)

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