MCWig: Anime’s (Bug-Batch Update)

Tired of pixelated hair? Well no more! With MCWig: Anime, you’ll get more HD and now it is not a cubic model. Grab now to change your Minecraft appearance into more advance!

Creator: MC874


  1. JSteve

I actually doesn’t know how to describe this… There’s total 6 hair types along with new Jorato hair that recently added. Kudate or Kujo Update (Bruh) just a simple update with new hair variant and also some small improvement that’s not worth mentioning. Let’s take a look on new JSteve or you can call it as Jotaro Steve.

This include with Jojo hat! It’s kinda use 1 + get 1. You can also change the color of it using some image editor and change its hue. In the front, there’s jojo iconic attributes but just ignore the hair at the back. It’s seems like Jojo doesn’t cut his hair for ages. While making this, I have also no idea on how to set the cosmetic height.

2. Male 1

Move on to another variant, yet i still don’t know how to name this variant. Anyway, this variant is kinda well known because this variant include Typical MC Hair that featured on almost any Anime, I think?

I knew it, some of you may recognize this flattened hair. It’s far more better if you change the color of it to match with your Minecraft Pixelated Hair. It has smooth hair like in the previe

3. Male 2

This is variant inside the pack, that’s it…

Okay guys, let’s take a look at this junky hair. This hair is really commonly used on anime characters (not the main characters). For example, you can use this hair with “No Eye” skin for a better experience like in Hentie Anime. I bet it’s much more far beyond better if you listen to my recommendation.

4. Male 3

It’s really suits with your Minecraft Skin that has Stolid or Cold characteristic. This hair will covers half of your face, so you doesn’t need to use any mask when you go outside while on this pandemic. It’s more better if you have 2 layered eye like in the preview. Well i admit, it’s kinda cursed since it has round shape but das alright.


On Kudate, Blocky x32 and Blocky x128 variant already removed due to useless reason and any other reason such as: big size and heavy performance. Don’t worry, for Minecraft fans, you can still get Blocky version of this pack with 64x resolution because it’s a minimum standard that model can still goodly defined.

Blocky version is still the same as Mesh or Kudate version but the model is structured by cuboid element. Here’s the preview to present all Blocky variant.

BugBatch Update

On this new update, you can now change the skin easily without using image editor or whatever. This update also clearing some known issues that you faced with. Here’s how you change the skin on this new update! Just choose the skin you want!


  • Added JSteve (Jotaro Steve)
  • Both pack now requires Minecraft 1.14.0+
  • Added Small changes
  • Revamped Description
  • Fixed Download Tutorial Video
  • Added Fresh Preview


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[…] MCWig: Anime’s (Bug-Batch Update) […]


[…] MCWig: Anime’s (Bug-Batch Update) […]

1 year ago

love the mod

1 year ago

10% chance might use it for a map for something idk

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