Tiger Client V4 | Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Tiger Client is a pack that’s optimization the game, PvP improvement and clean interface also with unlocked settings to give the max performance for the game.

Creator: HJN

Modified UI:

Home screen:


Play screen

Progress Screen

Pause Screen

Profile Screen

Chat Screen

Death Screen

Modified Text

Clean Water (Compatible with other texture packs)


  • Bigger hand
  • Java particles
  • No TNT particles
  • Particle multiple
  • Custom lower shield
  • Fixed some 1.16 bugs
  • Java hud (Only the experience text, experience bar, top right position, Non Transparency hotbar, resize player doll)
  • Fixed some sounds in Minecraft (Java match)


We have added some other modes to the pack hope you like them

  • Blaze Hit sounds
  • Better Fremes
  • Remove
    • Particles
    • Blocks animation
    • Less details
    • Unclear water
  • BLC Crosshair: The badlion client crosshair
  • Bottom Chat

NOTE: This pack works only on 1.16 and 1.16.100, 1.16 might has some issues.


If you want to make your Minecraft more beautiful, you can download texture packs below:

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