CSC Highschool | Minecraft PE Maps

CSC Highschool Roleplay map made for roleplay community to roleplay as, teachers and students. The school has various classrooms from Language Classes to ICT Classes. It also has various sports facilities for students to play in.

Creator: ConSeldCraft

CSC Highschool has various classrooms like Language Class, Science Class, Geography Class, History Class, Arts Class, Math Class, and lastly, ICT Class. All of the classrooms has unique designs and tailored to the classroom.

This school also consist of facilities such as, an auditorium, looker room, football/soccer field with fences, volleyball court, swimming pool and basketball courts all placed around the campus. The sport facilities are located outside the school buildings and placed in an open environment for the fresh air. Outside there is also statues and greenery to stay green.


More maps to discover in Minecraft PE for you. Download below and Enjoy it:

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