Reworked AK Texture Pack

Now you can download the reworked Ak Texture pack, here’s the best Minecraft texture ever created !! You will see modifications of ore blocks, items, weapons, mobs, boards, sounds, and the UI in this pack. Even the user interface, crosshair, GUI, and many more have been modified

Cre: Adrikadh, Twitter, IG

Reworked AK Texture

Do you want to have a better experience in Minecraft vanilla? Come to Reworked AK Texture and watch some of the captures below

Blocks of the ores





There have a lot of changes in blocks, items, and miscellaneous on PVP. You can see if you download this pack

This pack is the best custom default texture pack that you should download and check for yourself. Hope you like it and have a better experience


– This pack will be deleted to work on a similar one, so if you’re interested let download it quickly


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