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Your days of creating a basketball hoop and volleyball net using spider webs are finally over! This Add-On will give you various courts for different sports, along with the gears necessary in playing them in the real world. Now you can take your sports experience/roleplays to the next level with the new Sports Equipment Add-On by yours truly.

Ragnarok 1.0

Quarry add-on is a block that extracts ores like diamonds, irons, coals, golds, redstones, emeralds, and every thing that is found, such as stone, obsidian, dirt, etc. And of course, larva and water will not be a nuisance to the machine.

Creator: Effect99MC

How to use the quarry block?

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Simply break the quarry block and a stone platform and yellow block structure will automatically be created around the area.

Hoppers will also be added where all the items found in the excavation will fall.

After breaking the quarry block, you should place a coal block on the red block on the left side. Then all the blocks within the digging radius will slowly break until they reach the bedrock where the machine will finish digging.

Stairs will also be added to the side of the dig so the player can easily go down.

If you want to finish the excavation before reaching the bedrock, break the Redstone block next to the excavation and the excavation will finish. Or if you just want to stop digging for a moment, break up the coal block.

You’ll find four different quarry blocks, each with different excavation sizes:

  • The small quarry block
  • The medium quarry block
  • The large quarry block
  • The explosive quarry block


  • Activate the option “Holiday Creator Features” for the correct functioning of the addon
  • Not recommend to use this addon in beta versions of Minecraft.


  • Hoppers and yellow barrier blocks will now disappear when excavation is complete.
  • Other changes
  • Bug fixes


Here is more addon for all players want to make their Minecraft world more exciting. Download below:


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