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Autumn Leaves by JayCubTruth

The leaves are changing colors right now in North America, so I made a minecraft resource pack to match! Autumn Leaves pack adds fallen...

RGB Nether Portals

RGB Neather Portals texture pack modifies the default nether portal texture and adds a rainbow motion. If you want to use it with Minecraft...

BSFBE Shader | The Best Shader for Minecraft Bedrock [Render Dragon]

Although BSFBE Shader's not quite a shader (since Minecraft Bedrock edition version 1.18.3, shaders are no longer allowed), this texture pack significantly improves the...


Do you think about Asbetter??? Do you find Minecraft Bedrock's limited and uninteresting capabilities to be boring? Do you want to improve your performance?...

Bicubic Shader (1.19, 1.18) – No Lag Shader for Render Dragon

The underwater caustic, 2D cloud, water reflection, water bump, and other features of the Bicubic Shader (1.19, 1.18) for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition are intended...

John Smith Legacy [32×32]

One of the earliest texture packs for Minecraft on the PC is called John Smith Legacy (and now ported to Pocket Edition). It is...

The Ty-el’s Settings Overlay UI Pack Guide

A UI treatment pack for Vanilla UI - The Ty-el's Settings Overlay UI Pack is not like normal, it adds some magical screen properties...

How to Install The Ty-el’s Vietnamese Language Pack v1.5.9

A Vietnamese who loves playing Minecraft game but don't understand English? It may be a barrier to making players not reach full experience in-game....

ColoredWater Texture Pack

There are three versions of the ColoredWater Texture Pack (for three different colors). Lime, yellow, and red are among the colors used. By turning...

Ozocraft Remix – Bedrock Port

A 32x32 fan-updated texture pack called Ozocraft Remix continues where the original Ozocraft left off, circa 1.14. (ish). It has been my favorite "go...

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Event Pixel art Editor for Minecraft

Do you like drawing Halloween pixel art? Halloween is coming, so that you show your enthusiasm for Minecraft and get creative on Halloween. We...

PokeCraft Kanto V1.0 (I choose you!)

Based on the well-known video game franchise and animated Pokémon, PokeCraft Kanto is a Pokémon add-on. Catching and leveling up Pokémon as you explore...

TBOI’s Seasonal Decorations V1.1

TBOI's Seasonal Decorations Addon adds a plethora of high- quality and vanilla-friendly vacation-themed decorations, particulars, and flyable crops, as well as New Faves and...

Arena Of Valor Map (Beta 0.1)

Players of Arena of Valor, welcome! Congratulations, you've found the ideal post if you love AOV game, Welcome to Arena Of Valor Map and...

Naruto Jedy Addon V8 Update | Crystal

A cool naruto mod minecraft makes by a Brazilian fan for other fans - Naruto Jedy Addon with texture and models are completely innovative,...
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