DIG for Bedrock – A Raytraced Resource Pack

Raytraced is now available for Minecraft Bedrock with compatible hardware – for the best enjoyment, you need a resource pack that can show off the raytracing feature at its best. This pack pushes raytracing in Minecraft to its absolute limits, upgrading almost every texture to high-definition.

Creator: KeviRun

DIG for Bedrock – A Raytraced Resource Pack

This resource pack takes advantage of the new raytracing features of the Renderdragon engine to show off what Minecraft could look like. Beyond the limitations of the marketplace worlds which are limited to either a small selection of HD blocks or exclusively use pixel-art graphics. This pack will work with any Bedrock world and will replace almost every block with HD graphics. Besides, this pack works with physics-based rendering that allows the light to bounce and scatter off of surfaces based on their roughness and bumpiness. Take a look at what awaits you when you use this pack:

A typical world spawn. This is the default look of all leaf blocks in this pack. The behavior pack also includes prettier decorative leaves that can be placed in creative worlds.

Three types of tile blocks, being colored solely by the light shining through the glass blocks. The tile blocks themselves are shades of white, gray, and black, only the light is giving them their color.

A view of a building in the Tranton world, as seen in both daylight and at midnight.

View of a stadium from behind home plate.

Views from a mall interior build

Another building from a cityscape map.

Underground parking with light from glowstone reflecting off of various smooth and rough surfaces.

A small window demonstrating the godrays that can be created. Decorative leaf blocks added by the included behavior pack are used here.

Beach house exterior. Decorative leaves are used for the palm tree and the shrubbery.

A kitchen interior.

A tree made using the decorative leaf blocks, illuminated by sunlight from behind, through the fog.

The addon below provides a resource pack. A behavior pack that will add additional blocks for creative builders to use. A fog pack that will enable effects such as god rays to appear in certain biomes.

Be sure to enable the resource pack and the fog pack for your worlds to change the appearance of your world. If you enable the behavior pack in your world, you may have to restart Minecraft for the additional blocks to become available.

Some blocks will appear in the Creative menu, and some are available via the /give command. In either case, you can find these blocks by search with the keyword “DIG”

Raytraced features will only work if your hardware is capable of real-time raytracing. (RTX or DXR – Capable) This release, while fully featured, may not be its final release, and changes to the pack may occur to remove bugs or to add textures, change existing textures, or even remove texture if needed.


Once installed, you can enable the resource pack and fog pack in your Settings, Global Resources menu and it will be enabled on any custom world.

The Behavior Pack enable on a per-world basis from the world settings menu when selecting which world to play. For safety, please back up any worlds before enabling the behavior pack on your worlds.

mcpeaddons download

More texture packs for a better experience in Minecraft. Download below:

Minecraft Shaders

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