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Funmoba PvP features a beautiful environment, a two-lane mirror base, nexus, and a jungle with a river in the middle. There is an easy access lobby that will help you to divide into teams and start the game at a click. Gear up with friends and smash the opponents.

Creator: RenderPhoenix Creatives

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Looking for a base defense strategy PvP that is more simple than traditional Skywars and Bedwars? If you are looking for the best team-based PvP to play privately, you are at the right place. This is a 3v3 or 4v4 PvP based ib MOBA.

This MOBA game is made up of simple commands and mechanisms. Totally lag-free and best for play in Realms or private server. It is maybe good for a friendly tournament. Though the PvP system is quite manual here, random unknown players may ruin the match.

Nexus: Nexus is the core structure of the map. There is a button on each nexus. When the enemy team will hit the button, the nexus will take 3 damage per hit. A scoreboard at the sidebar of the game screen shows the nexus health.


  • Easy lobby to handle as an Operator
  • Auto respawn timing system
  • Different team respawn point
  • Nexus health reset and quick PvP off system


  • The players will be spawned in the Lobby
  • There are two rooms for 2 teams. Each team have choose their room.
  • A host in creative mode will start the game. Or, if there is no host you can start game as a player
  • Each team has their own Nexus. 2 teams will spawn nearby their own Nexus
  • Each team have to protect their Nexus from opponent team
  • There are a button at the top of the Nexus. Each time the opponent team's players press the button the Nexus's health will be decreased by point
  • The first team who will be able to destroy opponent team's Nexus will be the winner


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