Cute Mob Model Addon for Minecraft (New Update)

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Have you ever wanted your Minecraft mobs to look like anime girls? I guess this is a good idea to make your world become more lively. With Cute Mob Model Addon, it will transform creatures from Minecraft to anime girls from AT2’s art and Yarr’s Cute Mob Models Mod!
Are you ready to explore this add-on? Let follow the description below to better visualize it

Cre: LugiaGamerYT, Youtube, Twitter

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Java Models: emmi
Curseforge: emmie_4
Twitter: @Nattapong_Taree
Models by: Yarrmateys
Other Models by: Kyubi
Twitter: @KYUBI24590722
Some Designs by: TwikeySi
Other Cool Designs by: RandomRaven
Twitter: @randomravenart
Render Thumbnail by: Shingel42
Twitter: @Shingel_42
Original Designs by: AT2
Twitter: @aptx9522

To participate, you need to join the discord server:

Now let explore this add with variety of visual

Cute Mob Model Addon

Passive and Neutral Mobs

Hostile Mobs

Cute Mob Model Addon is also add new mob to the game.

Cute Mob Model Addon

You can download .ZIP file here: Cute Mob Model Addon .ZIP

Ghast Sister

  • Health: 20
  • She acts like a Blaze but shoots ghast fireballs
  • Attacks players
  • Spawn same the way Ghast spawn

Note from Creator:

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Recommend player use the behavior pack with the resource pack in your world. I don’t recommend using the cute mobs resource pack as a global resource pack!

  • If you want the emmie’s updated Java resource pack version of cute mobs go to this link:
  • If you want the emmie’s updated Java resource pack version of cute mobs go to this link:


– Added Cute Mob Heads
– Changed the Llama designs to match the horses from java edition

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