Boom Battle Heroes 12.8 [Minigame]

Boom battle heroes 12.8 fixed updated with 26 minigames. It’s a huge design that you will see some of the popular mini-games from popular servers such as Bedwar, TNT run, Death run, Block Party, and much more!!

Cre: herotorxp, Youtube, Facebook

26 Minigames in Boom Battle Heroes

1. Bedwar Game with a twist

2. Block Party mini Game

3. Go Stop Racing Mini game

4. Killer Vs Hiders Mini game

There includes 3 different places

5. Copy the blocks mini game

6. Boat racing mini game

7. Investigate to find the key mini game

8. Protect the villagers mini game

9. Death run mini game

This map has 2 different places

10. Boom Battle heroes Tnt run mini game

It includes 10 different places

11. Fishing saga mini game

12. Boom Battle Town

13. Fill the wall mini game

14. Creeper house mini game

15. Fall to the death mini game

16. Falling sand mini game

17. Ice boat racing

18. Color game Battle

19. Just Fly mini game

20. Get Lucky or Bad Karma Mini game

21. Amazing Runners Mini Game

22. Phantom vs Player Mini Game

23. Minecart Racing

The goal for the Boom Battle Heroes map is to have hundreds of games on a map.

24. Don’t Die minigame with 6 different Tasks

25. Parkour Master

26. Skywar

What’s New in 12.8 update?

New shop called Server Ghast tears changer


What’s new in 12.8 updates?
– Fixed:
+ All about Skywar game
+ The game called Fill the wall in multiplayer
– Added:
+ Some guide signs if you play my map as a Server. Because all the custom villager will die always if you use my map as Server
+ Server Ghast Tears Changer in the fourth floor of the main building in Boom Battle Town


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