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If you are one of the PVP fans. This Halloween Edition is the perfect map for you to play with your friends. Are you ready to join a battle PVP? Download the map now!!!

Cre: MikeGsYT (Youtube, Twitter)

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The GsTeam has built this map for you. It comes from the fact that we have never found a perfect map to satisfy the game. So, this is the reason our friend MikeGsYT has taken on the task of building the best PVP map.

This map is still in the beta phase, so it’s not finished, but already 100% playable

This is a small lobby in the Halloween Edition map that welcome you and your friends

Click on the Start button, have both you and your friends ready for a PVP battle?

Once you click on the Start button, you will reach a room where you must choose your game mode

Halloween Edition game mode:

Training: quick matches against modified hostile mobs

PvP Battle: PvP battle against your friends (maximum 4 players)

The map will be updated every week until it’s complete

Halloween Edition
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#PixelArtMinecraft #HalloweenPixel2022

Halloween Edition

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[…] you’re a PVP aficionado, this is the game for you. This Halloween Edition map is ideal for […]

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