DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault World

I guess you have heard about the famous server that consists of content creators and improves role-playing (like Dream SMP?) Are you curious about what’s inside those servers? DreamSMP Pandora’s Vault will show you a huge facility with tight security! It will recreation the famous prison known as Pandora’s Vault. Cre: MINIPRO27YT, Youtube, Twitter DreamSMP … Read more

Project God Sector Custom Terrain | Survival Map

Project God Sector is a project that brings something more special, beautiful to play on. This map has massive custom trees with a splash of fantasy elements to seal the deal in immersion in this custom terrain map. Welcome to Project God Sector, a survival world 3k by 3k meant to immerse you in a … Read more

Banglamine City | Minecraft PE Maps

Banglamine City is a vast city to explore. This city was created with inspired by Bangladeshi urban architecture and infrastructure. It was the most popular creation among the entire Bangladesh Minecraft community. Credit: RenderPhoenix C This city was built on a flat world, with massive area. The whole city is surrounded by borders. There are … Read more

Evercity Minecraft Map Creation


Evercity map is based on 4 different cities: Downtown – Old Downtown – Our FarmVillage and this map which is spawn area that called “The Main city” Cre: Evercity-community, Twitter, Youtube Evercity This creation Minecraft map is built by Mistely and QDS_ It includes: Amain city, an old downtown, a port, an industrial area, a … Read more

FunMoba PvP (Moba Style PvP) | Minecraft PE Maps

Funmoba PvP features a beautiful environment, a two-lane mirror base, nexus, and a jungle with a river in the middle. There is an easy access lobby that will help you to divide into teams and start the game at a click. Gear up with friends and smash the opponents. Creator: RenderPhoenix Creatives Looking for a … Read more

The Snowcoal Medieval Kingdom | Minecraft PE Maps

Snowcoal Medieval is 1500×1500 size map with tons of details. The main features are a giant castle with over 200 rooms, passageways, and staircases, 4 villages, and over 100 houses. Creator: Snowcoal Features: Approx. 1500 x 1500 size map Giant Castle with over 200 rooms, passages, staircase Over 100 houses 4 Villages Farmlands, windmills, and … Read more

EDungeons: The Dragon Altar [Addons, World, etc.] Chapter 1

The Dragon Altar is the first chapter of the series EDungeons adventure, the theme of this build is an underground cave. In this world, Dragon protects the earth, but it’s the first chap and the difficulty level is Level-AlHaQ. Creator: EuForia_AlhaQ SET YOUR OWN KITS (Recommended) The story about this map is the story of … Read more

Ice Boat Raceway Crazy Edition

Make racing with your friends more interesting and exciting with Ice Boat Raceway. This map also add new shortcuts and PowerUps to make the races more enjoyable. Creator: Scurrminator808 The Track itself nearly the same as in the previous version of the map except, the 4 new shortcuts I added and the powerup rings! (As … Read more

SG Replay: Minotaur Mansion | MCPE Maps

Minotaur Mansion is one of 6 minigame maps belonging to SG Replay, revamped Skygames maps. Series SG Replay will give you the best experience with high quality, premium maps. Credit: Textures: FogzArt Builds: Inviziy, FogzArt Programming: Traswen In this huge expansion we have added the following: Map build detail updates Full custom texture pack by FogzArt Update minotaur model … Read more

SG Replay: Hide and Seek | Minecraft PE Maps

Hide and Seek is one of 6 maps in the Project: Replay! 6 revamped SkyGame maps, with high quality, premium maps. Credit: Traswen Textures: FogzArt Builds: Inviziy, FogzArt Programming: Traswen Hide and Seek This map is high-quality Hide and Seek game. When the game begins, hiders will have 20 seconds to buy taunts with the money that they get … Read more

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