Minecraft EggWars PvP [Minigame]

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Eggwars is a PvP minigame map which can be played with multiple players (2 -16 players). Each player will spawn on an island and they have to protect their egg from getting destroyed. To win the game, they need to destroy the eggs of enemies.
In the case that you die, these eggs are essential for the player in order to be able to respawn

Cre: Andiuber, Twitter, Youtube

How to play EggWars?

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The EggWars map requires at least 2 players and a maximum of 16 players.

Once the player joins the map, they will start on an island. First, you need to collect minerals from generators.

Then you can trade them with the villagers to obtain weapons, blocks, armor, and much more. The generators can be improved to generate minerals faster

Don't forget your main objective in EggWars is to protect the egg on your island!! However, you need to take down the enemy egg and kill them to win the game

After done playing around, the map will self-repair / reset in 1 minute.

EggWars notes from creators:

If you share this work, please respect the original link to the publication of the website of Cubitos MC. Do not use direct links. “Thank you! ” 

More information: Terms and Conditions © Team Cubitos MC.


Changes v3:
– Added new trades to villagers (Netherite armor) and Chests on the islands
– Now the respawn works correctly
– Modified the parkour of the main lobby

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[…] If you like this map, you can also check our Minecraft EggWars PvP [Minigame], Among Us MC Map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map […]


[…] EggWars PvP map is a multiplayer PvP minigame map that may be played with a large number of people (2 -16 players). Each player will be spawned on an island and must defend their egg from destruction. They must destroy enemy eggs in order to win the game. […]

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