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Arena of Valor Minecraft PE

Arena of Valor Minecraft PE – AOV 5v5 Map for Bedrock/PE

Arena of Valor (AoV) is a well-known mobile MOBA game. Because I'm a die-hard fan of this game, I created its Arena of Valor...
Padas Laboratory [PvP]

Padas Laboratory [PvP] | Minecraft Map

Get a better experience at Skywars or at Bedwars or any other PvP game mode is one of wishes players Minecraft. A map that...

Hit PvP V.0.5 [BETA] | Minecraft Map

Hit PvP is a practice map with Legendary PvP training features. Do you want to join a PVP map to practice Aim, CPS, W...

Practice PvPBot Map! [Update]

I will introduce you to a map where you can practice, improve your PvP skills. Also, Practice PvPBot Map has a PvPbot, it will...

FunMoba PvP (Moba Style PvP) | Minecraft PE Maps

Funmoba PvP features a beautiful environment, a two-lane mirror base, nexus, and a jungle with a river in the middle. There is an easy...

Halloween Edition [PvP Map] | Minecraft PE Maps

If you are one of the PVP fans. This Halloween Edition is the perfect map for you to play with your friends. Are you...
Minecraft EggWars PvP

Minecraft EggWars PvP [Minigame]

Eggwars is a PvP minigame map which can be played with multiple players (2 -16 players). Each player will spawn on an island and...

Boom Battle Heroes 13.9 [Minigame]

Boom battle heroes 12.8 fixed updated with 26 minigames. It's a huge design that you will see some of the popular mini-games from popular...

EnderPvP Map [Official Release] | Minecraft PE Maps

Do you want to test your skill at the PvP map? Play with your friends and make fun with the EnderPvP map. You don't...
Moon Wars Minigame

Moon Wars Minigame [PvP] | Minecraft PE Maps

It's good to see the Minecraft moon in the cycle from time to time in your world. But have you ever tried a Battle...