Laundry Set Addon for Minecraft Pe

Make your day in Minecraft become more fun with the Laundry Set Addon. It includes varieties of laundry sets such as washing machines, clothing racks, pails, and more. Let explore this addon and download it now!!

Cre: HeavenlyClamp46, Youtube

This is the first laundry addon to have an improved version. I hope you will enjoy it and have a great time with it. Now I will show you more about this addon, let’s go explore!

Laundry Set addon

This addon includes 12 new things:

 3 types of washing machine:

  • Washing machine
  • Auto washing machine
  • Ordinary washing machine

Laundry Basket

Clothing Rack
Wash Basin


Laundry Set addon also add vacuum cleaner

Take a look at the gif below that will show you the changes when the Laundry Addon is active

Note from creator:

  • You are not allowed to post a direct link or a monetized link on another site, but you can use mcpedl link to post
  • This addon will be updated in the following weeks, so check my channel to stay updated: Heavenly Craft PE
  • Join my forums, message me, and see old versions of my addons on this site:


– You can turn on the ordinary washing machine and get a washing animation
– Even drain the water now!
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Laundry Set Addon (BP) .Mcaddon
Laundry Set Addon (RP) .Mcaddon

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