OSBES Shader (v0.12.3a) (Rain Fox Hotfix)| Minecraft PE Shaders Pack

OSBES Shader is an Open Source Bedrock Edition. So Open source means that you can contribute to this shader development. On the repository page, you will find some contribution recommendations and instructions.

Creator: Jebbyk


  • Advanced lighting
  • Normal mapping
  • Different materials
  • Water effects
  • Weather effects
  • Wind effect
  • Airy clouds
  • Better quality-to-lag ratio



  • Firstly, Download .mcpack file
  • Then, Open it with Minecraft
  • And Finally, Select this shader pack in setting


OSBES v0.10.2a.mcpack

Download .zip

OSBES v0.12.3a

If you want to make your Minecraft’s world look more beautiful, you can download shader below:

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