Miselville City 2.0 [Creation]

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This is a new version of the creation map that calls Miselville City 2.0. It will bring you new and interesting things for you to explore. Even more fun when the new version of this map is in the process of working. Let’s wait together!

Cre: JOSE A. VP14

Explore Miselville City

When you join the map, you will see a big city with a bunch of cool things such as hotels, bridges, airport, boat port, establishments, nuclear plant, constructions, buildings, luxurious houses, and much more!!

This creation map includes 3 zones:

  • North area has a mini-port
  • South area is the largest
  • East zone is the most luxurious

Let watch 3 zones of map though photos below

North zone

This area has a small port and is quite close to the nuclear plant

South zone

It’s the biggest area with many buildings, hotels, and more

East Zone

It’s the second-largest area in Miselville City which has hotels, luxurious houses, a very beautiful beach. 

Other Places of Miselville City

The port of ships

This is a large port with a lot of cargo, two ships being loaded

The guard airport

It’s includes many planes and a very large runway

Nuclear plant

It has 4 reactors, and 3 security offices

The Bay Bridge

These bridges connect to the South and North of the city. It’s very large place

The southern bridges

It connects to the East and the south and the airport of the Miselville City map

New changes

Let watch the new city of Gran Ville

The new rail(train) service

The new highway to Gran Ville



There is only one port that I could not add in photo because it’s not finished yet

There are 2 download links in the world. The first map is without addons, the second is with addons

More credits:

  • Furnicraft: ROBERTGAMER69
  • Simple vehicles: RMPLAYSMC


– Added:
+ The train service in some parts of the city
+ The highway and new city of Gran Ville 
+ Mill Valley on the road to Gran Ville
+ New things at the nuclear plant
– Fixed:
+ Bug fixes
+ Fix extrusions
+ The bridge
– Modification of the Bay Bridge now has some rails down
– And any more new things 


You can get .Zip file here:

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