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If you have long dreamed of microblocks in Minecraft, this addon is for you! Now, I will show Mcflower’s Microblocks to you!

Creator: Mcfl0wer

I got taste for this addon when I saw the creation of yBrothers – vertical slabs. Microblocks are custom-sized blocks that may be needed for many things:

Decoration and detailization:

Secret ways


And even decorative city wiring:

At the moment, the addon contains six types of microblocks:

  • Panels
  • Railings upper
  • Railings lower
  • Vertical slabs
  • Steps
  • Halfsteps

Each type has 15 variations:

  • Oak planks
  • Spruce planks
  • Birch planks
  • Jungle planks
  • Acacia planks
  • Dark oak planks
  • Warped planks
  • Crimson planks
  • Stone
  • Stone brick
  • Brick
  • Sandstone
  • Quartz
  • Iron
  • Bedrock

Unfortunately, so far this cannot be crafted, but can be obtained through the commands

  • /function panels/railing_a/railing_b/slabs/steps/haftstep_a


More addon below will make your world more exciting. Download and enjoy:

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